Another PCC player looking at UW?

Chuck Jones is a former Long Beach (Calif.) Poly player who originally signed with UNLV three years ago. He'll need his AA at Pasadena City College before enrolling in the fall of 2003. The 6-4, 275-pound DE/DT prospect will be a 'late in', meaning he won't be available to 4-year schools until the fall of 2003, but that isn't stopping colleges from taking a serious look at him. And according to his coach, Tom Maher, the sky is the limit for Chuck.

"I think he'll become a very good defensive tackle," Maher told "He can run, is big, and strong. He uses his hands well. He can play in the NFL if he decides it's that important to him, and he's just getting to the point where it is important to him."

Jones also also plays basketball for PCC, where he's averaging 14 points and 10-12 rebounds a game.

Washington, Kansas, UNLV and Arizona are all making serious inquiries to Jones. "North Carolina wanted him really bad, but couldn't get him in," Maher said. "He's a person everybody is going to want to recruit. The only reason schools have been waiting on his is because he's a 'late-in' (fall enrollee). But now schools are making their way back here and in a week and a half he's going to have 20 offers, I expect. It's just a matter of him deciding where he wants to go."

Washington and Arizona are in the process of setting up a visit, while he's going to Kansas this weekend. Bobby Kennedy was at Pasadena yesterday morning. Expect to hear more about Jones in the weeks to come. Will he and James Griffin both decide to don the purple and gold? Stay tuned.

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