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SEATTLE - Here are quotes from Lorenzo Romar, Jon Brockman, Isaiah Thomas and Justin Holiday, as the Washington Huskies tallied their first win of the season, a 78-63 triumph over the Cleveland State Vikings in the first round of the O'Reilly Auto Parts CBE Classic at Bank of America Arena Tuesday night.

Lorenzo Romar:
Opening comments - "I thought we definitely made progress tonight, not just from the Portland game but also the Western Washington and exhibition game. I thought tonight we guarded in the first half very well. As a team I thought we played with energy and shared the ball. I thought we were very efficient. In the second half we came up flat. That is something that we have got to be able to solve. Coming in the second half and maintaining the intensity we had in the first half. Justin Holiday certainly helped us throughout the game, 11 rebounds and stellar job defensively; he provided some energy for us. I thought Quincy Pondexter really came out and played well tonight. Obviously Joe Wolfinger stepped up and did a very good job of playing his role for us. Really a good team effort tonight by our guys against a good Cleveland State team that is picked to win their league."

On why the starting lineup was changed - "Isaiah (Thomas) was just a couple minutes late.'

On why he didn't mention Brockman - "What he really does sometimes he becomes a victim of being unnoticed. He goes out again and gets 25 and 13, another night at the office for him. I mentioned some of the other guys because we hadn't see that from them, we had seen that from Brock. Some other guys stepped up and gave us minutes tonight that we didn't have the other night.

On Bryan-Amaning - "We are hopeful he will play in the Kansas game, but we're not sure.'

On pulling guys quickly - "It's not my style to ever substitute a guy for making one mistakes or two mistakes. But if it something that has been emphasized when we feel it is the theme of the night and it is important enough that where it happens or doesn't happen we will have to give somebody else a chance. That's what you see, that's not a pattern of every time someone makes a mistake they come out of the game. There are certain things we emphasized tonight and if you didn't do them we told them before hand we will give someone else a chance. That's all that was.'

On similarities between tonight's second half and Portland - "No, it was still different. I thought we didn't play very smart on defense at times at the Portland game but the effort was pretty good. We just didn't get loose balls, rebounds were in our hands and got knocked away, we weren't sprinting back in transition, we weren't rotating on the weak side. Those things I think contributed more to our downfall in the second half. We definitely didn't play with the energy we played with in the first half."

On teams doubling Brockman - "If we can knock shots down consistently that is something we will welcome. This is Brock's third year getting doubled teamed like that. He is pretty good. I think the first time he got doubled he tried to go baseline and got stuck a little bit. After that I think we rotated pretty good planning for the double team. Brock will find the open guy. As we go out each time we will get even better at playing that.'

On Brockman's missed dunk - "That's the first dunk I've ever seen him miss like that. In four years and in high school he usually tears the rim down on those. He missed one."

On if he was too far out on the dunk - "He was. He does everything so hard. I don't think he tries to knock pins down when go bowling; he just tries to tear the backstop up. He tries to throw the ball through the backstop. He tries to tear the backboard down on the dunk. Everything is so hard and rough. I think he dunked too hard."

On Holiday - "Justin Holiday was on the verge of doing those things last year and he either got injured or got sick, so he could never get over that hump. He's playing with a sore Achilles right now but he did a good job. Justin is capable of doing those things."

On Overton - He had a tough time getting foul trouble. Sometimes that will throw you off. To start the game he applied unbelievable ball pressure to their guards."

On the 5-point possession - "It helped separate ourselves a little bit. We relaxed at that point. A guy like Holiday comes in and does a great job defensively, guys starting rallying around the ball. Wollfinger was big when they drove. All those little things helped."

On Cleveland State's first half shooting - "I would say we contested a lot of their shots. I think there may have been three or four shots we didn't contest."

On Thomas - "I don't know what to say. He missed some shots. Isaiah can score we all know that. He just missed some shots."

On Artem Wallace - "He's doing fine."
Jon Brockman:
Opening comments - "We played a good first half and then came out in the second half and did not execute which was disappointing, but the good thing that you can take away from the second half is that we bent but did not break. Justin Holiday did a great job of coming in and getting stops and we were able to regain our composure. Coach said it in the locker room, it is progress, it is better than we played in the Portland game and we can build off that."

On the team's swagger- "I think we had it for the most part in the first half. We played really well together in the first half. In the second half, came out a little lazy. They were coming at us a lot harder than we were coming at them. It's the second game of the season, we can build off it, and it's progress."

On the changes from the Portland game - "The biggest difference between this game and the Portland is that we were taking good shots this game. Against Portland we were just so excited to shoot that they were throwing up bad shots, this game guys were finding space and taking good shots.

On coach having a short leash with guys - "I think that is something that needs to be done, we need to be held accountable for our play and on top of our game at all times, and realize that when we make mistakes there will be consequences."

On Bullock - "He's a beast, strong game. He is fun to play against. I told him after the game that I love his game. I lobe the way he plays, his energy, he's a tough dude. But we did a great job collectively forcing him to take tough shots.

On Pondexter - Quincy played a great game tonight, not only in scoring but he played some good defense and was an energy guy. That is what need out of him. When Quincy is scoring it takes a lot off me. When any of the guys on the other side are scoring it helps me out a lot.

On his missed dunk - "I don't know, I thought the backboard was going to come down, but the ball just seemed to slip out of my hands."
Isaiah Thomas:
On Western Washington being easier - "It was easier, the court was wide open. I knew it wasn't going to be like that all the time. Teams are going to have better and better players."

On if teams are planning for him - "I'm just off a little bit. It's nothing different. My shot isn't falling, I got to do whatever I can."

On if he was having fun - "Yeah it is. The home crowd."

On if not starting because he was late sent him a message - "Yeah it did a little bit. It was my fault, I was late."
Justin Holiday:
On playing more - "Being healthy is a big part of me being able to play. I was given opportunity to go out and do what I do and get a win."

On what the coaches want him to do - "Obviously first of all get stops and play defense. Then get rebounds and play within the game and help the team as much as possible."

On his rebounding - "Me not being as big as other people you don't see me boxing out much, but I will box out. I just read the ball well. Wherever it bounces I just try and run as fast as I can. I use my speed instead of my strength."

On if he was surprised by how much he played - "I just know when I'm giving an opportunity, if I'm playing well I can play a lot of minutes."

On if we can expect this from him every night - "You have to expect the best from everyone. If I keep playing this I think it will benefit our team a lot."

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