Reffett to visit this weekend

Jordan Reffett has been looking forward to tomorrow for some time. You see, it's the last day he works construction. And when he heads back on up to Seattle this Friday, it'll be the beginning of a new chapter in his life - the purple and gold one. Reffett will be taking an official visit this weekend, a reward for having qualified academically. He'll be in school officially January 6th.

"That's when the start of the new quarter is," Jordan told tonight. "I've already got all my classes figured out, so I'm good to go. I'm ready to go back to school. I haven't said that in a while. I'm going to major in political science."

And he's really looking forward to seeing his friend, Husky linebacker Will Conwell, again. "Yeah, Will's going to be my host," Jordan said. "I haven't seen him in a while. We'll get to goof off and have fun this weekend." He also is going to be putting on the recruiting hat for the Huskies. "Yeah, I'm excited to see the new guys coming up. I want to let them know how I feel about being a Husky, seeing if they want to be Huskies too. I can wait to see 'em."

There may be another Reffett coming down the pike next year. "Yeah, my brother (Mitch) is a freaking animal," Reffett exclaimed. "He looks like Goldberg. He benches 375 right now." Mitch was the Big-9 Defensive Lineman of the Year as a junior in 2002, an award Jordan won his senior year. "He didn't grow up a Husky like I was, but since he's watched me go through the process and I would be surprised if he didn't end up here too."

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