Basler part of unusual ending

Even though the Elma Eagles lost in the Class 2A championship game against Connell, they can be satisfied with a pretty remarkable achievement - they made SportsCenter. ESPN? You bet. At the heart of their appearance was their semifinal game against Lynden Christian. What unfolded at the end of the game was something that may never be seen again. Elma's Todd Basler gave us a first-hand account of the play people are still talking about.

"Wow!," was all Todd could say when he spoke to Lynden Christian's QB was attempting a safety to seal the win for them, but made the cardinal error of not running out of the endzone to assure the two points. "They had the game wrapped up. Their quarterback took the snap, ran back to the end zone and then just dropped it. You can't do that. So our one of our guys picked it up and we scored. We knew what was going on if he dropped the ball but we figured he'd just give it to the ref or kick it out or something. It's unfortunate how it worked out, but it happens."

The Eagles could have used some more breaks like that against Connell, but the back-to-back titles just wasn't meant to be. Basler's final rushing totals were 2003 yards and 47 touchdowns - not quite as strong as last years, but he didn't play a lot past the third quarter in over half of Elma's games.

Todd wasn't the only Basler brother to experience the bitterness of defeat. Kyle and the Washington State Cougars lost to Washington in three overtimes. "He said they had so many chances that there are no excuses," Todd said of his brother's reaction to the loss.

Now that football is over for Basler, he's concentrating on recruiting. He doesn't have any official visits scheduled yet. "I've been talking to the Arizona State coaches about a visit," he said. "I'm also talking to the Stanford coaches, but not a lot. But I'm still talking to the Washington coaches a lot and Oregon State too."

What is Randy Hart telling Todd about the Huskies' situation? "He's just reviewing film and going through the stages," Basler said. "He said that he was going to drop by the school one of these days."

He still has only one offer at this time, from Stanford.

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