Hoops Report: 12/11 Practice

A spirited Husky squad took the court a little late today. If you enter Hec-Ed at four o'clock you will usually hear balls bouncing and shoes squeaking. Today was an exception. A players only meeting convened at around 3:40 and the players took the floor at 4:10, while the coaches showed off their shooting skills.

After a quick shoot around to get warmed up, the team was split into a group of bigs and a group of guards and forwards. The bigs worked with assistant coaches Bone and Schoene on their post moves. The coaches urged the players to build on the moves they drilled the day before by adding a variety of moves from the face up position in the low block. The coaches emphasized not taking more than one dribble to get where they're going. Afterwards the bigs were put into a two on two situation for a rebounding drill where the defensive rebounders must block out the offense, get the rebound, kick out to a coach, set up for a high-low post set and finish the play.

On the other end of the court the guards and forwards were run through a shooting drill by assistant coach Dollar and head coach Romar. Later they ran three on three focusing mainly on spacing and positioning on the perimeter.

Coach Romar then gathered the players for what is quickly becoming everyone's favorite drill, war rebounds. The drill entails all ten people on the floor going after an intentional brick thrown up by coach Bone. The defensive team begins with the inside position but everyone on the offensive side crashes the boards. Points are earned for offensive rebounds and baskets, and are taken away for turnovers. This drill is all about hustle and the Huskies showed plenty of it today. Anthony Washington and Mike Jensen both hit the floor numerous times and the coaching staff was eating it up. High fives were frequent and spirits were high as everyone was enjoying themselves. In a great showing of team unity the purple squad ran the punishment lines with the gold squad after winning the drill.

Cameron Dollar took over the practice and pointed out that the Huskies needed to work on their perimeter defense as well as their perimeter offense. The Huskies lined up one on one working on stopping penetration. Offensive players were given only three dribbles to get to the rim. It was nice to see Nate Robinson try to guard Anthony Washington and not back down an inch in the post.

Dollar let it be known that he wasn't happy with the Huskies help defense on baseline penetration. A four on four drill was run to ensure that the help was coming from the low weakside, rather than high on the strong side. In a similar formation the Huskies then worked on cutting back door against teams that deny the ball.

As their routine dictates, the team ends practice running. Doug Wrenn has taken his new leadership role seriously and can now be found amongst the front runners in the timed runs. Previously Wrenn could be found lagging behind earning the wrath of Romar in the process. It's nice to see Huskies encouraging those who didn't make the time, forcing the whole team to run again. This team is showing a new attitude hoping that their efforts will translate to W's on the court.
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