Player Quotes - Apple Cup

Many expected the Huskies to beat Washington State on the road with ease this year, but as hapless as both teams have been this season, the Huskies proved to be more the thoughts of the players after a tough 16-13 loss as they try to explain their thoughts as they head into the bye week before focusing on their final opponent this season -- the California Golden Bears...

WR Cody Bruns

On his first Apple Cup: "It was a good experience, I wish it could have turned out differently, but it was a good experience."

On where the players stand after 11 games: "I think everyone's grown up a little bit. I think anytime you have a season go like this I think you're bound to. I think a season like this will help us next year. Anytime a season goes like this there's a lot of things going on, but I know from my standpoint you have to keep on battling and you have to fight through."

On losing the way they did: "It's just one of those games with all the ups and downs. I thought we were in it. It's been tough and we just need to stick with our teammates. It's really tough, fighting through adversity like this I think it's going to make us better people over all. I think we just need to keep on rallying."

On the thoughts of the underclassmen in sending out the seniors this way: "We're a pretty tight group, you know seniors, freshman, juniors and sophomores, and we see it in their eyes and it affects us just as much as it does them."

LB Donald Butler

On the team's confidence problem: "I wouldn't say the team has a confidence problem and I can't speak for everyone, but guys have got to find a way to get it done. Maybe that is a confidence problem, I don't know. I think the coaches made the right decisions on some of those fourth downs, by putting the defense back on the field with the game on the line. We'd been stopping them all game. Guys need to do their assignment."

On Tyrone Willingham still "leading" the team: "Something about coaching change, in the midst of the season and most of the guys that are in this program now are Willingham recruits, it is something that would have broken us (if Willingham was fired)."

On whose fault it is for where the Huskies are right now: "I always put it on the players because when the game's on the line, like today, players have to step up and make a play, bottom line. No new coach is going to change that. Coach Willingham tried, but we didn't get it done."

On his feelings for the fans: "I just want to say I'm sorry and don't give up on us."

On whether or not Washington lost to a better team: "No comment."

RB Terrance Dailey

On the Huskies' ability to run the ball: "The gameplan was nice. We finally got to run the ball a lot and it worked out well, but we lost it in the end there."

On the fourth-and-three: "The fourth down, coach (Tim) Lappano wanted to go for it, it was fourth-and-three and we were going to run a stretch to the right and I really thought I could get it, but the coaches wanted to be safe and put it, but I think I could have gotten it."

On heading to Cal: "It's going to be real tough because the Apple Cup was supposed to be the game that we could win and I'm sure everyone in the locker room from what I've seen is pretty down about it. More tears than other games, but we've been losing all season, but I think we can bounce back and keep fighting."

CB Mesphin Forrester

On losing this game: "It's difficult. With this season, going in we were 0-10, that was difficult enough and then to lose the Apple Cup, it hurts. It just feels like a nightmare. We just have to find a way to at least come out with a win this season by any means necessary. We just have to find a way to get better during the bye week and come out ready to play Cal."

On preparing for Cal: "We have to get mentally right. We only have one more game left and unless we want to end the season with a ‘donut' we have to step it up and find a way to get a win because I don't want to end the season with no wins."

QB Ronnie Fouch

On the disappointment of losing the game: "It's tough. We felt like we had the game in our hands, winning 10-7 with less than a minute left, but their quarterback made a great throw and their receiver got behind our defense and they just made a great play and we just didn't step it up in overtime."

On the final fourth-down play in regulation: "We felt like we could get it, but we trust our coach and we trust our defense. We felt like our defense could hold them for a minute, you know, they had 80 yards, but it didn't work out."

WR D'Andre Goodwin

On how tough it is to lose this game: "We had the game, 20 seconds left, and they just made a play. It hurts bad, in a rivalry game like this, it hurts really bad."

On the ‘black cloud' surrounding the team: "When we go out there we're not thinking we have bad luck or anything like that, but it's just small things that are killing us this season."

TE Michael Gottlieb

On the fourth-down call: "I really wanted to go for it. I know they had every reason to be that was the best strategic decision, but it just sucks as a competitor, you want to be the one out there having things in your control, but I don't fault anyone for that decision."

RB Willie Griffin

On him not playing in the second half: "I really don't know how to approach that situation. I just look at it as a team decision. It was one of those split-second decision. It's a team thing. I believe in Terrance and that he could have led us to a victory, but we didn't get it." Top Stories