Coaches' Quotes – Apple Cup

PULLMAN, Wash. - Here are quotes from Washington Head Coach Tyrone Willingham and Defensive Coordinator Ed Donatell after the Huskies loss a heartbreaking 16-13 double-overtime thriller in the 101st playing of the Apple Cup at Martin Stadium.

Tyrone Willingham:
Opening comments - "When you feel like you've got a game won and just need one play and you don't get it done, it's tough."

On the end of the first half - "I think we came out very fortunate at the end of the half, on the one that they ran the fake punt. Because I wanted to go for the block and we came after it. That's a risk you take and they came off the edge. We got very lucky there, our defense did a nice job for us."

On punting on 4th and 3 - "Initially we thought we might throw for it and then I think we made the right decision. They had not had much success all day driving the football. We had been in control most of the game, so you figure that you give yourself the best chance to win by forcing them to go as far as possible to make a play."

On the long pass - "We just didn't track the ball. We let them get behind us and that's a situation you can't let happen." He added, "It was the right defense."

On the state of the program - "Obviously if you're the head coach at this time, you take the responsibility for what's going on, but it should also be noted that the day that I arrived, what the state of the program was." He added, "I take responsibility for where we're at, but there's also a process."

On getting the team ready for Cal - "Well I think they well pay attention this week and I think they'll find the strength to pay attention the of the way."

On if there was indecision for picking a kicker for the 40-yard FG - "No. The one (Jared) Ballman came in was against the wind."

On what he tells his team - "Lets go home."

On if he will be on the sidelines for Cal - "I think that's a bad question."

On if he still thinks he should be the coach - "Maybe you should stop asking the question." He added when pressed, "I have the same answer."
Ed Donatell:
On how the defense played - "It was a nice defensive effort but we didn't finish the job. They made the plays at the end. We had the game in check and didn't finish. It has nothing to do with anything, it was a situation we practice, we know, and we didn't finish and execute it. They are a good team, they had a nice play up, but our thing is totally on line to stop it (referring to the long pass).

On the long pass - "We lost leverage. We lost leverage on the deep ball and undercut it with the safety. We didn't finish the job. They played their hearts out tonight. When you get a team, get in a rivalry game; it's not over until it's over. You have to finish the job and we didn't do that today."

More on the defense - "Our guys had some sudden change stops, fourth down stops, a turnover. We had some plays all through the game, it's 10-nothing at half. We gave a play we didn't want to give up, their touchdown play. We want to do that better next time. All in all a lot of things happen in a football game and we get in a position at the end to finish and we didn't get that done."

On the WSU touchdown - "They blocked us. It was a nice little thing, they were doing some shifting. Both teams were making plays. I thought we made our share of plays today. They got our safety blocked as well, sealed us, kicked us out, and made a long play."

On if the team held together into OT - "We did that. We want to feel that we can finish it in regulation. The tables were in our favor, we had time and yardage on our side, and we didn't finish the deal. That's where we had our greatest advantage. When you got to overtime then it's an even battle again. We were up and we had the trump cards playing and we didn't finish the job."

On Quinton Richardson - "He was nicked. He was in and out. There were some different combinations even with Mesphin (Forrester) - his knee isn't full strength. These kids played their hearts out. These losses really sting. They sting for a reason; one because it went to the end and two because it's a rivalry game." Top Stories