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Things are tightening up, folks! With the Washington coaching search starting to get to the point where only the creme de la creme need apply, we've come up with who we think should be on UW Athletic Director Scott Woodward's short list - in alphabetical order. How does your list compare?

Dawgman's Take: If Washington was going to drop down and hire an assistant - something we doubt will happen at this time - you won't find a more attractive candidate than Christensen. He's a Husky, runs one of the most high-powered offenses in D1, and he'd be coming with the blessing of another former UW coach - Gary Pinkel. Oklahoma, Georgia, Utah and Boise State are just four programs of many currently killing it with former assistants. Could it happen at UW?

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Dawgman's Take: We've always felt like Mora was a leading candidate, even when he said he wasn't. The former UW player has talked for years about his want to get back and coach the Huskies if given an opportunity. Here's your opportunity, Jim. And the Holmgren 'x' factor just might turn this into a unique situation for Mora.

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Dawgman's Take: Do we think Petersen will leave the friendly confines of Boise? We wouldn't sell the family farm on it, but there hasn't been a hotter coach over the past three years. We could be looking at college football's version of Mark Few, but his win-loss record would be worth a pile of cash in the BCS market.

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Dawgman's Take: We feel pretty strongly Tedford has not been contacted yet by UW, and he may very well be a fallback candidate. But his ties to California recruiting are evident, as are his skills as a quick-fixer. His turnaround of the Golden Bears is legendary.

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Dawgman's Take: Arguably the hottest coach in D1 right now, Whittingham is either going to move onto greener BCS pastures or parlay his success into a hefty pay-day. His LDS roots and family considerations make it difficult to believe he'd seriously consider a move away from Salt Lake City, but Seattle has a burgeoning LDS community and millions of reasons (read: $$$) for him not to say no.

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