Goldsberry has early leaders

Kyle Goldsberry is a 6-4, 275-pound OL/DL from Riverside (Calif.) Notre Dame, and if that school sounds familiar, it should. It's the same school that produced current Husky Derrick Johnson. And like they did with Johnson, Washington is showing some definite interest in Goldsberry and he's paying attention.

Goldsberry, a 2-way starter for Notre Dame, has a 290-pound bench, 570-pound squat, and a 485-pound dead lift to his lifting credits. "I like defense because defense wins games," he told "Offense brings the crowd, but defense keeps the other team from scoring." Unfortunately, they didn't do a great job of that, going 0-10 for the year. "We had a really young team. We had about 7-8 seniors and no juniors at all. But as a team captain, it's always about team first. I just worried about them first, and the rest would come."

As for himself, Kyle has a good idea of what makes him a player coaches are looking at. "I think I have a good mix of size and speed," he said. "I'm big, but awfully quick off the ball for my size. On pass rush I'll use my quickness, a swim move or a rip. On the run, I just bull rush and stuff 'em straight back."

Recruiting contact has been steady from Washington, Idaho, Idaho State and Arizona. Kyle doesn't have any offers yet, but he does have an official visit set up to Idaho State (1/17). He wants to set up visits with the rest of the schools that have been contacting him. "I talked to Coach (Bobby) Hauck," Goldsberry said. "He said that I would fit in well with their defensive scheme."

His early leaders are Washington and Idaho State.

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