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SEATTLE - Here are quotes from Lorenzo Romar, Jon Brockman, Justin Dentmon and Isaiah Thomas as they talked about Washington's 83-65 win over Oklahoma State in the Big 12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series at Bank of America Arena Thursday night.

UW Head Coach Lorenzo Romar:
Opening comments - "We talked about making progress I felt we made progress. Going into the game we talked about win or lose, that's what the goal would be. They only go about seven deep since one of their guys isn't with them anymore. We felt we could come in and continue to put the pressure on them defensively and offensively maybe we could wear them down in the stretch. They are hard to guard if they are knocking the threes down, they're so quick. I felt out guys did a good job, they were only 3 for 9 from the 3-point stripe in the first half, I thought that really helped us. We only committed 13 turnovers, 5 in the first half so we didn't a better job at that too."

On attacking the rim - "That's usually our game plan all the time. It doesn't always shake out that way. We would like to make sure we were an inside out team tonight."

On protecting home court - "We didn't talk about it as much. We did talk about that we have an 8 game home stretch coming up. It's during a months span, we want to get as good as we can get between now and January 3rd."

On the defense - "I think we made progress. I think we did a pretty good job defensively. This team is hard to defend and we didn't play one possession of zone. We manned them the entire time and I felt our guys did a good job. Eaton is hard to keep out of the paint and I felt our guys did a good job of staying with their shooters. They were starting to get a rhythm mid way through the second half so we saw glimpses of what they are capable of from the 3-point line. I felt their speed and transition caught us off guard early in the game and we began to get back quicker."

On Oklahoma State zone - "I think after the Kansas game we were able to straighten things out and we haven't had a lot problems since the Kansas game. At the Florida game they zoned us and we did a good job and have continued to do a good job."

On the fast pace - "Our guys would love to play that way. That's how we would love to play. Many teams don't play that way. In our league half the teams in the league slow the ball down. We play someone that plays our tempo like we do I know they love it. We all love it."

On Gant - "He does a lot of little things on the floor. Kind of like a glue guy. A guy that did a lot of little things and maybe wasn't referred to as a little thing guy before is Quincy Pondexter. He had three steals, got on the floor and got some loose balls, and got some deflections. He did a lot of little things tonight. He did a good job defensively."

On the rotation - "I think that the eighth and ninth man may vary a little bit game to game. I think tops we play nine guys pretty regularly. We are kind of settled into a rotation. The last two or three, depending on the match ups and type of game their minutes could fluctuate."

On Texas Southern and if they will prepare - "Absolutely we care enough to give our guys some structure when we go out on the floor. We won't prepare for Texas Southern any different than how we prepared for Kansas or OK State or UCLA. We will prepare for them."
Jon Brockman:
"I think the biggest thing in the Kansas game was we saw the video the next morning. We watched the video and guys realized what was really happening. A lot of times you're playing and you think things happen differently then they really do. What was happening is we were taking really quick shots and other guys were open for a better shot. We weren't using up the shot clock, we were just throwing up the first thing that came to us.'
Justin Dentmon:
On rating this defense versus the past - "I don't know. We've had some good defensive teams in the past. Tonight's effort, you could put it up there with my freshman year's defense. We did a tremendous job of keeping them off the three-point line. I'd say we did excellent."

On if this was the teams best game - "As a team yes, the defense could get better. As a team overall I think that's the best we've played all year."

On if they frustrated Oklahoma State - "Yeah once you're at an away game and the other team is scoring you tend to get frustrated. Even we get frustrated on the road and we miss a shot and nothing goes right for us. You just have to come together and they didn't come together, so we took advantage of that."

On comparing this game to the Kansas and Florida games - "I could just say more patient and more offense. We executed the scout better and we were more focused. The losses really woke us up, we shouldn't have woken up, we should have been woken up at the beginning of the season. Our eyes are open now."

On team growth - "We're coming along. Not only playing like we wanted to in the beginning, but we're coming along okay. I think we still have a lot more to work on as team. Everybody has to be more comfortable with their role. Once everyone is comfortable with their role I think we'll be a great team."

On if the game was a must win - "Every game from here on out is a must win for us. Seeing we haven't been back to the tournament in two years we need every game we can get, especially home games. Home game are like a given, so we need to keep those in our pocket. Then we need to get some away wins. When we get our away wins going we'll be on track."

On screaming on defense - "Yeah I had to get it out there. Yea I screamed. It was too loud. I don't think anyone heard me. I tried to get it out there and see if they would follow along, but they didn't."
Isaiah Thomas:
On comparing this Oklahoma State to Kansas - "I mean it was early when played Kansas and they're a big time school. Oklahoma State is good, they hit 3-pointers. We did the scout real well. I think in Kansas the scout wasn't as well as we wanted it to be. I think that's why we lost those games."

On the fast pace - "With us guards when the fast pace comes in we're loving it. We got to play fast too, we can play fast too, get up and down. I think that's to our advantage especially at home like we were tonight."

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