Player Quotes - Cal

The final game of the Tyrone Willingham era ended in a 48-7 loss to Cal, but the players were looking forward, not back when the spoke to the media after finishing the season 0-12.

QB Taylor Bean

On scoring his first career touchdown: "It feels really good. It was pretty cool, but I don't know, I wish we could have put something else together, but when we do things right we can look pretty good to so it makes you kind of excited for next year."

On his emotions: "I'm a pretty emotional player. Being out the for the first time, legitimately, for a whole half I was pretty amped up and excited so it was bound to happen."

On his comfort level: "I feel like I came back pretty strong (after the interception on his first pass). I had nothing to lose out there, but I just know the mistakes you make, you learn from them, and getting that experience in a game, I felt pretty confident that I wouldn't make that mistake again."

LB Donald Butler

On the effort of the team: "From a defensive standpoint I consider that we went out there and gave everything we've got. We gave up a couple of big plays, a couple of big runs, that was just some fundamental things where guys are staying in their gaps and reading their keys and recognizing plays, so that's unfortunate, but I can only speak for the defense and I think most of our guys played hard and gave everything that we had."

On Jahvid Best: "He's fast, he's a burner. He can definitely run. Him and Demarco Murray from Oklahoma and even Bell from UCLA, I know he's banged up now, but we've played some great backs this year and (Best) is right up there with all of them."

On being 0-12: "It's the hardest. Honestly, you just want to try to move on to the offseason workouts and try to salvage something good from it."

LB Mason Foster

On knowing how many tackles he needed to lead the conference: "I knew I needed 13 or 14 to tie so I was just playing hard and trying to make the plays that came my way. Alameda (Ta'amu) did a great job and the whole D-line, like (Daniel Teo-Nesheim) did a great job of keeping their O-line in check."

On being from California and losing to Cal: "It's always tough to lose to Cal, but it's just tough to lose to them and to guys you grew up around."

On feeling like this game was an audition: "Pretty much, he's going to watch every game, he's going to watch every practice, so you have to go out there and show him you're going to play hard, so he's going to look at that and make his decisions."

On it being a relief knowing who the new coach is: "Definitely, because you're not sitting around waiting for the new coach and it needing to be announced. Now you know who it is so you can get right to work tomorrow, get right to work in the weight room and get ready to come out next year and show everybody that this was a rebuilding year and we're going to come out next year real strong."

On what he thinks the new coach has to do: "One thing is just getting our confidence up. We don't have any confidence. We need to work hard as a unit and build some chemistry and then I think everything will be fine."

TE Michael Gottlieb

On Willingham's final words: "He gave parting words for the seniors and the returning guys separately. To us he just said he was sorry for us, that things didn't work out for us. The culmination of everything he was saying was he expects great things from us, the guys returning but also the seniors too he expects us to work hard and make it to the next level, but he wants us to take this and let make us stronger and have it help us move forward in our lives."

On how being 0-12 has an effect on him: "I don't think this stains my life or reputation in any way. I came in here as a local guy, loving the Huskies, I gave it my all, I gave everything I had for five years and I'm a Husky through and through and when I look back I'm not going to see the losses. It's been difficult, but I've taken this as a real character builder and a chance for me to grow as a person and keep my chin up through adversity so I'm extremely proud about what I did here."

CB Quinton Richarson

On his thoughts with a new head coaching coming in: "He just needs to come in and be a coach. I'll be looking forward, ready to be coached, there's a lot of football to be played. "

On him trying to impress the new coach: "He's coming from a good program, so we know he knows how to win, so hopefully he comes in and makes things right." Top Stories