Tyler reconfirms pledge

Casey Tyler, a 6-6, 265-pound tight end from Edmonds (Wash.) Edmonds-Woodway was a soft commitment to the University of Washington before his visit, but this afternoon told Dawgman.com that his pledge is solid - he's going to be a Husky. He also let us know about the status of his teammate, RB/LB prospect Kyle Trew.

"I would say I'm committed to Washington," Tyler said. "I am going to Washington for sure."

And Trew? "Yeah, I'm pretty sure he committed too." Tyler and Trew were paired with Jason Benn and Ty Eriks and the four of them painted the town this weekend. "We ate at the Met (Metropolitan Grill), went to Jillian's, beat up on some coaches, played some pool," he said. "I got to ride around in a golf cart on my tour of the campus. I also saw the weight room, which has been redone. The whol trip was awesome."

Keith Gilbertson is the coach Tyler spent the most time with. "We hung out and watched film of Kevin Ware," Casey said. Another highlight was brunch this morning at Rick Neuheisel's house. "Man, that house is so nice! We were just loungin' downstairs. I took a little nap."

Tyler also let us know that the weather didn't go over real well with the visitors from the south. "Yeah, all the guys from Arizona and California were tripping about the weather," he said. "When we went to Jillian's it was like a moat. You had to step in a bunch of water to get in." But Casey also mentioned one player from down south he enjoyed talking to. "Yeah, the kicker, Michael (Braunstein). He's a pretty small but he laughs a lot." Kevin Fain was another player Tyler said stood out. "Man, when I saw him it was like, 'Damn'."

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