Kyle Trew seals the deal

Rumors have been swirling for months about whether or not Kyle Trew is committed to Washington or not. Well today he put to bed any thoughts about when as he pledged his services to the University of Washington along with teammate Casey Tyler. Although they are both Warriors, Kyle said that they weren't necessarily a package deal. It just worked out that way.

"Well, we each had our own thoughts about going there," Trew told today. "In our minds though, if one of us didn't want to commit to Washington, neither of us would have. I just liked the way the coaches treated the players and what the players had to say about the coaches. It wasn't any sort of a gut feel thing."

Trew mentioned dinner with the coaches and prospects as his personal highlight. "I think that was the main highlight, just having dinner with the coaches and getting to know them better." Kyle didn't start his trip until Saturday morning, as E-W had a basketball game, but he did get to see a practice. "I talked to Coach (Cornell) Jackson, and they were talking about me playing the 'willie' linebacker. That way I can get up there and cover the run."

Jason Benn was Trew's host. "He just told me how much he likes it and the ties you make by going to play like Washington," he said. "He also said the practices can be really hard at times but that the coaches also treat them really well." Kyle also mentioned how he got a chance to talk to strength and conditioning coach Pete Kaligis and really likes his attitude.

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