Braunstein enjoys visit

Michael Braunstein was in Seattle this weekend, and while the weather didn't cooperate with the 5-8, 170-pound kicker from Gilbert, Arizona it didn't deter from what was otherwise a fantastic official visit to Washington. After his visit, Braunstein is more committed to the Washington program than ever.

"It was awesome," Braunstein told "The rain didn't bother me that much. I liked everything about my visit. I got all my questions answered, mostly about academics and stuff like that." Michael wants to go into Sports Management.

Andy Heater was his host. "Andy was awesome, a really nice guy," Braunstein said. "He just answered my questions about things. It was just great to be around my future teammates. Since there were 3 or 4 of us there already committed, we were like 'Come on and spend the next few years up here. Be a Husky!'"

He confirmed that he's going to focus on kicking only. "I saw two practices. I saw some of their walk-on punters, and they looked to be doing a decent job," Michael said. "I liked when they showed us our jerseys. Mine had my high school number on it (14), and that's the number I'll be wearing at Washington."

Braunstein will start conditioning for soccer tomorrow, and is not looking forward to it. "Man, we ate so well up there!" he said. "I'm totally stuffed right now. I feel like I gained 20 pounds." He's going to be playing defense and goalie for Gilbert this season.

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