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Andy Darkins is a 6-2, 225-pound fullback/linebacker prospect from Lake Oswego, Oregon and Darkins took an official visit to Washington this weekend. Andy really liked what he saw, but isn't done with the recruiting process just yet. There's a school in Corvallis that's looking to make a big push, and Darkins is definitely checking it all out before a decision is reached.

"We went to Space Needle for lunch," Darkins told Dawgman.com about his official visit to Washington this weekend. "Then we took a little golf cart campus tour, went and watched practice, then had dinner (Metropolitan Grill) and then hung out with the guys." He mentioned that Jordan Reffett was the biggest eater that night. Clay Walker was his player host.

And the next day? "Woke up, went to breakfast, took some tours and things, watched practice again," he said. "Then we went to Jillians for lunch and then back to the hotel. Then we went back to the stadium and went to the locker rooms, saw out jerseys and went on the field and checked that out. This morning we had breakfast with Coach Neu at his house."

While Andy was suitably impressed with the visit, it wasn't enough for him to pull the trigger. "I told them that I have to weigh everything and make sure that it's the right place for me and check everything out," said Darkins. "Coach (Dennis) Erickson and Coach (Gregg) Smith are coming to my house tomorrow night and we're going to talk. I'm definitely going to check all my options out, check every single school and go from there."

OSU is the only other school he'll visit, and that visit will take place next weekend. "I'll decide when I feel good about it," Andy said. He also said that Washington is still unsure as to whether or not they are recruiting him as a fullback or as a linebacker.

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