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Jason Goodman is a 6-5, 230-pound athlete from Great Falls (Mont.) CM Russell, and Jason just got home from his second official visit, this one to the University of Washington. Originally, Jason was being recruited to play tight end, but he found out this weekend that the Huskies are looking at him on the defensive side of the ball. How did that sit with Jason?

"I don't know yet," he told Dawgman.com. "I haven't thought about it that much yet. They are going to wait with me to see what happens. They talked to me about possibly greyshirting, because I would need to put on a bunch of weight if I do play defensive end. Since this is the first time it had been brought up, I don't really know. They said that by Christmas time they would know about offering. They said that they would still be in touch with me every week to see how things are going.

"Since they are recruiting me I guess as more of a defensive end now, so I spent a lot of time talking and hanging out with Coach (Randy) Hart. He was probably the most intense of all the coaches I met. When I was watching practice, it looked like the defensive line had it the hardest. But he was a fun guy to be around."

Greg Carothers was Jason's host. Greg and Jason played against each other when Carothers was still playing for Helena (Mont.) Capital. "I've known him for a while," Goodman said. "We just caught up, talked about the old times, playing against each other. He let me know how things are going with him."

So what were some of the highlights? "We went to lunch at the Space Needle, which was really cool," Jason said. "Then we went to practice and took a tour. And then we went to Salty's, which was awesome. Then we just hung out. On Saturday, we got up early and went to breakfast right on Lake Union. It was nice. Then we went to practice and then caught up with our academic advisors. Then we went to Jillians and had lunch with Carothers and a bunch of players. After that, we went to the stadium and went to the locker room. We all had jerseys with our names on them. We got to run out of the tunnel while the band played the fight song. And then we had dinner at the Don James Center."

Overall, Jason was really impressed by the atmosphere surrounding the Washington program. "I liked how everybody was really nice to me and how they took care of the recruits," he said. "We didn't go a half-hour without somebody asking if we wanted something to eat. And we had nice hotels and everything. And everybody was really positive."

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