Milvon James trip report

Milvon James is a 5-11.5, 185-pound athlete from Los Angeles (Calif.) Fremont, and while most recruits hit the door and head straight for bed, James was busy playing NCAA college football on his playstation. And when he talked about his official visit to Washington last weekend, there weren't enough superlatives for Milvon to express just how much fun he had.

"Man, that trip has to burst through the ten and go a lot higher than that, because the Washington visit was a much better visit," James told tonight from his house in LA when comparing the Huskies' official visit with the one he took to Pullman last month when he visited during the Apple Cup. "I told the coaches that I'm really into them right now and that they are in my top-2. I'm just looking at Oregon and Washington now." He's scheduled to visit Eugene January 10th.

James didn't fly up with teammate Mark Bradford. "Mark had a basketball game, so he came up Saturday," Milvon said. "I came up Friday. We saw the basketball game and went to the bowl practices and stuff like that." What did he see in the Huskies' practice that was different? "Well, when you play at that level, you know how to practice," he said. "And the speed of the game is much faster."

Zach Tuiasosopo and Scott White hosted Milvon. "Really, everyone was just hanging out, the recruits, the hosts, everybody," he said. "We got to hang out with Cory (Jones) and Reggie (Williams) too. Reggie's cool. He's such a good player, but he's mellow too. He didn't big-time us or anything."

So what did Zach and Scott talk about? "They just talked about how much help you get for your classes and how it's basically impossible to fail," he said. "They also talked about how great a coach Coach Neuheisel is."

Milvon talked to Bobby Hauck about playing safety. "They like my speed and the fact that I'm a good running back," he said. "They like the way I can shift and how I can make big hits. They like the way I tackle too."

Running through the tunnel with the band playing was one of the many highlights James noted. He also talked about seeing some rivals off the field and getting a chance to know them better. "Yeah, Brandon Mebane," Milvon said. "He plays for our cross-town rival and he's tackled me a few times. When I heard he was going to be on the visit I was a little worried but I got to talk to him and he's really cool, a real nice guy. And I got to talk to Matt Malele and Mark Washington too. And seeing guys like Bobby Whithorne and Joe Cowan - it just made things a lot more comfortable seeing guys I know."

So it's down to the Huskies and Ducks. "I like everything about Oregon," Milvon said. "Their D scheme is really similar to what we run. For Washington, I like the way they blitz their safeties." So is he going to be able to make it through the holidays and get to his scheduled visit to Eugene. "I looked on the calendar today and said, 'Man, it's only the 15th!' and I have to wait until January. It's going to be a long time, but it's something I have to do."

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