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SEATTLE - Here are quotes by Lorenzo Romar, Justin Dentmon and Matthew Bryan-Amaning after Washington squeaked past Portland State 84-83 Sunday night at Bank of America Arena.

Lorenzo Romar:
Opening comments - "I didn't like how we finished the ball game. Give Portland State a lot of credit for hanging in there and preserving and continuing to come back. I thought in the second half we started off really well and then a few ill-advised turnovers and a couple of bad shots. Next thing you know they cut it down 10, 9, 8. We continued to bounce back a few times. Down the stretch we got distracted a little bit. Phil (Nelson) we know Phil, once he hits one he is capable of running off 7, 8, 9. I thought take away the last part of that half our guys did a good job of not feeling sorry for ourselves with Jon Brockman's absence. We just found out today he wasn't going to be playing and I thought our guys stepped up and did a great job."

On what needs to improve - "We didn't get the ball reversed like we should of. When we did we got very good looks. When we didn't we ended up not doing so well. Four turnovers in the first half I thought we did a good job. In the second we just didn't do a good job of closing this game out. As you go through your season in your non-conference you learn from this."

On Brockman - "He had an ankle sprain. His ankle ballooned up over night as he hurt it in practice yesterday. I am sure he will be ready to go against Eastern but not tomorrow for practice. He will have to miss a couple days. It is not as serious as it was at the end of the year last year. It was the other ankle, it was not the ankle he had fixed."

On playing without Brock - " It was going to be interesting to see, that's for sure. I was happy the way we responded. With Jon being your go to guy and the guy everyone looks to. When it's that short of notice where you don't get to practice without him sometimes your guys look lost. I didn't think our guys looked lost, I thought our guys were aggressive and did a good job in his absence."

On Brock and MBA not playing together - "They do play together, they just don't start together. They have played together. It's a three man rotation with those guys."

On MBA - "He rebounded, did a good job defensively and didn't have one turnover. He just played within himself and let the game come to him. He was still aggressive offensively but he picked his spots. They doubled him and he handled the double team very well. He did a nice job."

On if MBA will start - "I would say as of right now no. But he did have a heck of a two games."
Quincy Pondexter:
On the tip - "I was trying to get a hand on it. I thought I was tipping to the other side. I was trying to run to our side and the ball went in." He added, "It was the luck of god."

On Phil Nelson - "Phil is one of my good friends, I miss the dude, he's really funny. I was talking to him a little bit, trying to get in his head. You can see he's still a good player, knocked those shots down at the end. We're still friends after the game."

On how Nelson went off at the end - "It's like Ryan Appleby, he would roam around the whole game and if you let him get an inch he'll knock down three after three. That's what happened with Phil, we didn't execute that part of the scout. He got open and knocked some great shots down."

On jawing with PSU's Kyle Coston - "It's just basketball, it's having fun. Going out and competing and trying to get an edge on a guy. You try and find an edge no mater what, and that's my way of doing it tonight."

On playing without Brock - "I was really nervous about that tonight. We expected Jon to play until shoot around, we wanted our best player to be out there. When you don't have it (your best player) you look at your team and see who's going to step up and I think Matthew (Bryan-Amaning) did a good job of stepping up. I think as a team the guys on the bench did a great job. I think we just came out and played hard."

On the end of the game - "Jon is the guy that puts out a lot if fires for our team. When he wasn't out there it was hard. A lot of plays you think someone is going to make, they aren't making them because he isn't there. He's a great force for our team on the defensive team; being in the right spots and leading us and talking to us. It hurt for him not to be out there. I think our team still responded well and we did the best we could do."
Justin Dentmon:
On his comfort level - "Yeah I have more confidence. I got real more confident when I felt my shot was going to fall. This game gave me another opportunity to do things offensively as well as defensively."

On being a senior - "Since it's my last year I have to go all out."

On the end of the game - "They hit some big shots, they scrambled us on defense and were able to get some good looks. They made some good plays and knocked down some free throws. We didn't execute on the offensive end, that's when they cut the lead down."

On his free throws at the end - "I felt pretty comfortable. When I stepped up and saw the time it brought back memories of when I was in the regional game taking my team to state. I knew I had to knock them down. I knew if it came down to it I was the man to get fouled."

On if Phil Nelson made the game different - "No, just an ordinary game. Every game right now is a big game, so we took this as a big game."

On if the game was chippy - "Guys get frustrated and tend to get everybody else on their level. We try to keep ourt guys on a focused level."

On if he got nervous at the end - "Not really, it was like now it's hard for us to really win by double figures. We just had to bare down and focus and really knock down free throws and get stops."
Matthew Bryan-Amaning:
On playing without Brock - "We're going to play the same way regardless if he's on the court or not. We just go out and play hard every minute."

More on playing without Brock - "We were just getting good looks inside. I had a good game last game and Brockman was there. It's not like when he's not there I'm going to do a better job. He just came out of the locker room and he said, ‘I can't wait till get healthy again so we can do that together.'"

On being the main focus of the offense - "That's just the way the game flowed. We didn't have any particular game plan going in. Guys knew were Brock wasn't in the game and we had to play without him and do what we do and do what we have been doing. We played hard and that was the result."

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