Mark Bradford trip report

"I'd give it an '8.5'," Mark Bradford said tonight from his house in Los Angeles, right after the 6-2, 185-pound receiver returned home from his official visit to Washington this weekend. He claimed it was right up there with his earlier visit to LSU and just a little better than his visit to Washington State for the Apple Cup. So where does the leave the talented two-sport star?

"I think the coaches knew that I wasn't committing anywhere on my visit, so they didn't even bring it up," Bradford told late Sunday night. "They were really mellow about it. But I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed my visit a lot."

Fremont had a basketball game Friday night, so Mark left Saturday morning to head up to Seattle. "They took me to eat and then we went to the basketball game," he said. He also mentioned that seeing cornerback Nate Robinson on the floor was a good sign for him. "That was definitely encouraging," Bradford said. "It was great to see him get that much time playing. I think I could help the team out if I went to Washington." Because of his late start, Mark didn't make a scheduled visit with Lorenzo Romar. "It was set up for Friday, and I couldn't catch up with him yesterday."

Scott White was Mark's host. "Scott's a pretty good guy," Bradford said. "He showed me a good time. He said that the team had a bit of a down year this year but that they are really enthusiastic and excited to get ready for next year."

Mark also mentioned that he was able to get all his academic questions answered. "I'm not totally sure what I want to do yet, but I'm leaning toward either business or computer science," he said.

Bradford mentioned his time with the coaches as crucial. "I was really glad to meet Coach Neuheisel for the first time," Mark said. "I've talked to him many times on the phone, but in person he comes across as a lot more outgoing to me. He was a lot different, which actually was good. I also talked a lot with Coach Kennedy and he told me that I could play two different positions. With my speed I could stretch the D and I could also play inside and do more things like catch the ball coming across the middle."

When it came to seeing them practice, there was one thing Mark noticed right off the bat. "Their practice was pretty similar to ours but it was more uptempo," he said. "A LOT more uptempo."

Mark still has one more visit to make, to Notre Dame (1/17) before he makes his decision.

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