Williams comes back solid as ever

Dawgman.com caught up with Vince Williams, father to Washington verbal commit Corey Williams, about the official visit they took to Seattle this weekend. The 6-3, 185-pound receiver from Las Vegas High School was sound asleep when we reached Vince, and he was more than happy to fill in the details regarding the official visit.

"Oh, he's not going anywhere else, that's for sure," Vince told Dawgman.com. "We went through the whole store buying shirts and jerseys for him. It seemed like we got everything." (laughs)

Corey and Vince went to Seattle on Friday and immediately got a taste of Husky hospitality. "The Defensive Coordinator picked us up at the airport," Vince said. "And then we went to the Space Needle for lunch and then went to the U-Dub. We met up with our guide, Dana and we went to see the academic advisors. Corey is interested in architecture, so he talked to the advisors about all that and what it entails.

"Then we went to practice. We got a chance to meet Reggie Williams. That was very exciting. Corey talked to Coach Kennedy a lot during the trip. Coach Kennedy is a great man. They talked about Craig Chambers and how they want Craig and Corey to come in and compliment Reggie with some bigger receivers."

Vince also mentioned that Corey got a little extra love from the head man. "During the practice, Coach Neuheisel pulled Corey over to the side and showed him what the receivers were doing, what routes they were running." Justin Robbins was Williams' host. "I'm not really sure what they did when they went out, that was between Justin and Corey," Vince said. "But Justin is a great kid. He's pretty quiet but very nice. You could tell they got along very well."

The elder Williams said the trip to Coach Neuheisel's house this morning capped off a perfect experience for him and his son. "I videocammed the whole thing," Vince said, his voice beaming. "His house looks right at Mount Rainier and I got it all. There's snow all over that mountain!"

But it wasn't brunch where Vince knew Washington was the right place for Corey. It was at the beginning of the visit. "The trip just confirmed everything I believed about Washington," he said. "They made you feel like you were one of the family, how it was all like one mind. They showed so much cohesiveness as a team. And there's a lot of respect too. When the players were asked to do something, they showed up. When we went to Jillians for lunch, the whole team came. It was amazing."

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