Bobby Whithorne trip report

Bobby Whithorne is a 6-1, 175-pound receiver prospect from Santa Margarita, California, and the Washington commit took his official visit to Seattle this weekend. Bobby had his share of playtime, but he also put in a little work too, as a committed player looking to lure non-committed prospects to Montlake. Bobby had his speech fixed on one player in particular. Did it work?

"Well, I tried to get Joe Cowan to commit," Whithorne told Sunday night. "Joe said that he wants to be my roommate next year, but I don't think he committed either, so I don't know what that means."

There's no question Bobby himself understands what commitment means, and he's been set on the Huskies for a long time now. In talking to Rick Neuheisel, Whithorne felt like he was already part of the program. "He was excited to have me up there this weekend," Bobby said. "He said that he can't wait to get started with me up there."

Big Joe Toledo was Whithorne's host for the weekend. "Joe's so funny," Bobby said. "I could really relate to him. He just told me how much he loved it up there. It's not like he had to sell me on it, but it was still really encouraging to hear that."

Whithorne will be playing receiver at Washington. "It was so much fun watching their practice, because believe it or not, their terminology is almost exactly the same as the terminology we use in high school," Bobby said. "It should be a pretty easy transition for me in terms of knowing the formations and the play-calling. In talking to Coach Kennedy, he talked about coming up and playing receiver in the summertime. I think I have the option of coming up in July but I'm not sure if I'm going to do that or not. It would be nice to come up and get a head start."

The coaches want Bobby to know all the receiver positions, including slot back.

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