Dennis Dixon trip report

Dennis Dixon is a 6-4, 180-pound quarterback prospect from San Leandro, California, and by all reports he had a great time on his official visit to Washington this weekend. It was the second official visit for Dennis, the other having taken place back in November when he checked out Oregon State. Dennis had nothing but great things to say about the time he had in Seattle.

"Man, that trip was beautiful, I would have to give it a solid 8," Dennis told "It was really something I wasn't expecting and I'm really glad I went. It was a worthwhile trip."

Matt Fountaine played against Dixon in high school, so it was appropriate the former Bishop O'Dowd grad showed Dennis around town. "He just told me to compete, compete, compete and good things will come to you," Dennis said of Matt's advice to him. "Don't ever give up on anything."

Fountaine also gave Dennis a little taste of what freshman life in college is all about. "He told me that it's a little different being away from your Mom like that, but you adjust and it's great after that," Dixon said.

And some of the highlights? "I think just checking out the academic situation and I also found out that Bill Gates lives right there by where Coach Neuheisel lives," Dennis said. "I didn't know that before. And going through the tunnel with the marching band playing and seeing my name on the scoreboard. That was awesome too."

But those were just the tip of the iceberg. "I think getting a chance to talk to Coach Neuheisel in his office was the biggest highlight," Dennis said. "He talked about my situation and what I could do for the team. I opened up to him and he opened up to me and it was great. He said that every quarterback he's coached up to Cody Pickett has made it to the pros. He said that after Cody leaves I would be able to compete for the starting job."

Dennis liked what he saw when watching the Huskies practice for their Sun Bowl matchup with Purdue. "Their practices were more intense, more involved," he said, comparing them to practices at San Leandro. "They are really focused on what they have to do in a short amount of time."

Dixon mentioned one other recruit that was there in Seattle this past weekend as someone he got to know a little better. "The only guy I knew from before the visit was Mark Bradford," Dennis said. "He felt great about everything up there too and liked the situation up there. We are keeping in touch for sure to see what happens."

When asked to compare his Washington trip with the one to Oregon State, Dennis was non-commital. "I can't say which is better, to be honest," he said. "The only major difference was that Oregon State is in a smaller town and Washington is in a bigger city. But I'm wide open right now to anything. It doesn't matter to me."

Dixon will trip to Oregon (1/10), USC (1/17) and UCLA (1/31) before making his decision. He may have an in-home visit with Oregon State this Thursday, but is unsure.

Dennis did let us know that his heart was feeling the love for the Huskies last weekend. "You know, at some point I did feel like committing, but I told myself before all this began that I was going to ride it through and look at everybody before making my decision," he said.

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