Craig Stevens trip report

Craig Stevens is a 6-4, 225-pound TE/LB prospect from Rolling Hills (Calif.) Palos Verdes Peninsula, and when he scheduled his official visit to Washington, he wasn't quite sure what to expect. When talking with him Monday afternoon, he made it clear that his visit exceeded any expectations he had.

"I had a good time," Craig told "I really liked it up there. It was awesome. It was a lot more than I expected it to be. I honestly didn't think it would be all that great. I really have never been anywhere outside of California."

Stevens' host was another Southern California kid - Dash Crutchley. "He's a really cool guy," Craig said of Dash. "I got to ask him all my questions and he answered them all. He was really helpful. The campus was awesome and the tours were great. The stadium was awesome too and all the facilities were really nice. I haven't really focused on what I want to do in school, but you could tell by the academic meetings that they have a wide variety of things I could major in."

When it comes to Craig's prowess on the football field, it looks like the Washington coaches want to get him to school first and then figure out where he fits best. "They really haven't said just tight end or linebacker yet," he said. "I'd say I'm more of an athlete right now. I talked to Coach Jackson quite a bit, he's also the coach that's recruiting me. He was telling me that I could really fit in as a linebacker."

What were his thoughts on the practices? "Their practices are just so much bigger," Stevens said. "The guys are more intense and it's just more fast-paced. But a lot of the drills they run are the same ones we run."

Craig's been on one other official visit so far - to California during the 'Big Game' against Stanford. How did his trip to Seattle compare? "It's tough," he said. "At Cal, I was able to get the gameday feel, which was great, but I didn't spend a lot of time up there. At Washington, I didn't get to go to a game of course, but I think I got a better feel for how things are up here than I did at Cal. The trip to Washington really confused me, made me think about things, that's for sure. It opened my mind to what's out there."

Stevens promised Arizona a trip, but hasn't scheduled it yet. He will also most likely visit Oregon. "The visits are pretty tiring, but I think I need to do a couple more before I'm ready to decide," he said. He's also playing the UCLA situation by ear.

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