Q&A - Charr Gahagan

Thursday morning Dawgman.com spoke with new Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Charr Gahagan about their first mandatory workout, the response, and what their immediate plans are for literally reshaping the Washington football team. Here's what he had to say

On thoughts of first mandatory workout: "It was a great turnout. Everybody responded really good. Everybody had high intensity and a positive attitude, so it was good. For the first day we had 100 percent attendance so far and we've got two groups left. These boys are getting after it, they did good for the first day."

On how the schedule is broken up: "It's broken up into four groups: You have 6 o'clock, 8 o'clock, 1 o'clock and 3 o'clock groups. Depending on class schedules, some classes might conflict with certain times, so we put the time as open. Our workout lasts about one hour and 45 minutes."

On the nature of the workout: "For the first workout, we try to ease them into it, but not too easy. A lot of stuff is new to them. So basically today consisted of going on the field first at the Dempsey indoor facility and we did agility work, speed work and core. And that's before we go into the weight room and do our weight workout."

On the guys knowing it's a new day with new things to learn: "They are excited. A lot of the stuff is something that either they haven't done before or they haven't done in a long time. And to get them back into it - especially the movements and the big guys. We need to have them move and be quick on their feet and agile."

On how much they've done on their own or if they have a ways to go: "They do have a long ways to go. We are on the right path, but they have a long way to go. We had some guys huffing and puffing this morning and it's not even close to what we plan on getting to. We slowed it down today because we had a lot of explanation to do on certain drills. When they get used to the speed of the whole thing, you'll add more stuff to it. But right now we've backed stuff up to what they can handle."

On the players and promise: "There's some promise for sure. They responded real well and they liked it. We busted their butt this morning and they were drenched. There was some good stuff this morning. There were some comments. They'd look at you and go, 'Geez coach. That was good. That was good.' The boys are liking it. Whenever we can get them to buy into something, it's straight ahead. We can do anything now."

On what's in the immediate future: "For the first two or three weeks, we're doing the warmup outside, which is really the most important thing for us right now, to the weight room exercise, which is strength and explosive lifts. Right now in the weight room, it's just technique work. We'll bump the weight up here and there if they know how to do it right. And then as the weeks go by and things are going on, then we'll add the conditioning afterwards. That will probably be about two or three weeks from now. Right now we're getting a feel for what they can handle. Some guys it's real hard and some guys it's tough but they'll get better and better."

On the fear factor of having new coaches: "I don't think it's being afraid. For us they need to respect themselves and the team first. As far as fear, you should be afraid of what's going to happen if you mess up. Right now, just concentrate on doing the right thing all the time and being responsible, and everything else will flow. So I wouldn't say it's being afraid. It's about respect. But I did see some wide eyes today."

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