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SEATTLE - Here are quotes from Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar, Jon Brockman, Isaiah Thomas and Matthew Bryan-Amaning after the Huskies' 84-83 win over the Stanford Cardinal Thursday night at Bank of America Arena.

Lorenzo Romar:
Opening comments - "That was a great ball game. That was a lot of fun for our guys to have our crowd back behind us. The fans were fantastic tonight. I think they really helped us down the stretch. When Stanford went up on us we could of put our heads down but we didn't, we fought a little harder. They had their way with us in the first half offensively, they shot 56 percent but only 41 percent in the second half, we defended them a little better in the second half. It helped our cause that some of their guys got in foul trouble but some of our guys were in foul trouble as well. It was a hard fought game, I thought a physical game, our guys made some big plays down the stretch."

On if it's fitting that Jon Brockman had a put back for the win - "Makes sense you know. He missed some shots that I'm sure he would love to have back. He still had a monster game with 18 rebounds and 19 points, that's pretty good. Stanford is a very good basketball team. I thought they were very efficient tonight."

On subbing Brockman in and out in the end - "They were smaller and they had their quick lineup in there. Matt (Bryan-Amaning) is our best-shot blocker and Holiday and Quincy in there with him gave us quickness as well. No slight against Jon at all. If you notice when we were on offense we put Jon back in for Holiday."

On inside passing with the bigs - "I think both (better passing and chemistry). Quincy was really the ringleader of it, he started making the extra the pass and that stuff becomes contagious. Just like it's contagious the other way, if guys don't pass then no one passes. Matthew does it, Darnell does it, our guys are starting to do it."

On rebounding - "Coach (Jim) Shaw on our staff is relentless with guys on the board. He is constantly talking to our guys. One game Isaiah (Thomas) got six rebounds, four rebounds in the last 2 minutes. They said, ‘way to rebound' and he said, ‘yea to shut coach Shaw up. He is always on me'. I think it has made our guys be more aware of rebounding. It does help to have Jon Brockman too."
Jon Brockman:
On his game winner - "The play seemed to take about thirty minutes; the ball was in there forever. I saw Matt take the shot from the right, kind of right post and I had a feeling it was going to come off the back side I went in and wedged myself in and luckily it came right to me."

On if that is his first game winner at UW - "I've missed a couple, I don't know if I've made one. Yeah that was the first one."

On Stanford - "They're just a completely team. A lot of their focus has shifted from getting it down low obviously because they don't have Brook and Robin anymore. They're a talented group who can score in a hurry; they can put points on the board. They're definitely going to surprise a lot of people this year just with how solid they are on both sides of the court."
Isaiah Thomas:
Opening comments - "I felt it was a big win. Coming back from Washington State and getting that big win we just got better. All week we've been working on Stanford and we did a good job of not holding our heads down. Coach said, ‘there's going to be a lot of adversity in this game but we need to keep our head up and play through it'. My guys did a great job of that."

On the team's energy - "I think we did. It was just lapses in he first half, we let threes. They went on the 8-0 run to end the half. They scored ten points in the last two minutes. Little stuff like that we can't let happen in Pac-10 play."

On the atmosphere - "We need to protect our home. That's what coach said, ‘Protect our home and make sure we don't get losses here'. Our crowd really helped us today coming down the stretch."
Matthew Bryan-Amaning:
On the win - "When we played WSU after the first half we got a bit of a lead and held onto it. In this game we had to be more in tune and stay focused the whole 40 minutes."

On being an offensive rebounding team - "I guess it's our identity now. Were not really thinking about it, whatever we have to do to get it done is what we have to do."

On the final play - "The play was set up for Quincy (Pondexter) as he caught he drove and in my head I was thinking please don't force anything bad for Quincy and he dumped it off to me. I knew the way we've been rebounding I just had to go up with the time on the clock. I just had to go up and whatever happens happens. If I make the shot I make the shot, if I don't I know my guys are there to rebound and obviously Jon (Brockman) did."

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