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EUGENE - Here are quotes from Lorenzo Romar, Isaiah Thomas, Justin Dentmon and Jon Brockman after Washington defeated Oregon 84-67 Thursday night at McArthur Court.

Lorenzo Romar:
Opening Statement - "I'm grateful that we were able to play Oregon here at this point in the season, as opposed to later in the year, because they'll continue to get better. I was proud of our guys and how we battled, especially in the second half when we had guys in foul trouble. We continued to fight and scrap. I was pleased with our guys' performance."

On the play of his guards - "They kind of got us going, right off the bat in the second half with a few baskets. They were intense the entire time; they were focused."

On Brockman breaking the school rebounding record - "He did. It's something our guys are now aware of, and you're happy for Jon, but our guys don't understand that in thirty years they'll be saying they played with the leading rebounder of the school. It's something really special."

On the rebounding difference between halves - "I think they competed harder than us and they were more physical than we were in the first half. In the second half, we really turned it up in terms of our level of intensity. We came out ready and with energy. That kind of set the tone for the rest of the half. Our guards were really active."

On Michael Dunigan - "He's going to be something to reckon with when he figures it all out. He's strong; he's going to be something."

On Dentmon playing like a senior - "He's playing like a senior and that's what you're hopeful for; people grow through your program and finish things the right way. So far he's really doing a good job of that."

On getting a double-digit win at UO - "You come out and play. We focus on coming out and doing things right. The margins are what they are. We certainly don't out and think we should win by so many. We just play and the outcome was 17. That's a great job."

On Thomas expecting more attention from the Duck students - "He came ready to play. He's a lot like Nate in that when he had a lot of attention on him, he rises. He doesn't back down.

On possible letdown after the Cal game - "Not when we came back Monday and I saw everyone joking around and having a good time. When practice began, they were focused. They were down and bitter-looking. They wanted to move on, and this was confirmation that we have moved on."

On Tajuan Porter and his struggles - "Tonight, our guys did a pretty good job of being consistent in the application of our pressure. He still got loose for a few in the second half. He's so dangerous; if he gets going and start knocking those things down, you aren't accustomed to guarding a guy from 30 feet with your hand up."

On playing Seattle U. in March - "The Lehigh game - once we realized that may not happen - we contacted them to see what we could do. It took some time to work through the logistics, but now it's happened. We wanted to play another game."
Isaiah Thomas:
On the crowd - "I was hyped up to see what they got, and they didn't really have anything."

On comparisons to Nate Robinson and Tajuan Porter- "I just came in like I would any other game. We got the scout right and we got the 'w', so I wasn't really focused on what (Porter) was doing against me or what I would do against him."

On The Pit - "It's old. It's real old. The locker rooms are so small and the bathrooms are like they were back in the day. It's historic, like Hoosiers."

On 3-pointers - "We put the time in, so it's going to come. Me, J.D., everybody on the team have put the time in, so if we're open and we've got the shot, we're going to knock it down. We have the confidence."

On Michael Dunigan - "He's big, he's long, he's everywhere. When we tried to get in there, he was right there. But it's OK - we got the 'w'."

On bouncing back from the Cal game - "Not really, because we're so close as teammates, we've built relationships. We're so close, I just wanted this game to hurry up and come because losing like is horrible, but stuff happens. We've bounced back, and if we get this win on Saturday, we can really forget about it."
Justin Dentmon:
On Brockman setting the rebounding record - "We knew he was going to set the record down here. We knew it. When the game was over, we congratulated him and gave him high-fives."

On UO's physical play - "We knew they were going to fight. Our scout was that they were going to try and keep us off the boards. The first half they did a real good job of attacking us first. We had to make adjustments for the second half and throw the first punch."

On forcing turnovers - "We just had to take them off the 3-point line. We knew once we did that, some of them didn't want to look to shoot when they went to the cup. We just dialed in on Porter and the big guy (Dunigan) and cut them off."

On being the veteran team - "Coach (Romar) mentioned it during the second half. He told us we needed to be mature and take control of the game. So we did it ourselves."

On getting Thomas ready for Oregon - "I didn't tell him nothing. I just told him that you'd see for yourself. The Pac-10 is way different then non-conference. You'll see for yourself. The fans are usually just going, so when we are warming up you can't hear yourself. This was way, way not what we expected from this crowd."

On 3-point shooting - "We shoot threes when they are open. When we aren't open we're attacking the basket. We emphasize that a lot. Our threes will get better as we go along. A lot of teams are going to dial in on us going in the paint, and we're going to knock our threes down, so it's just a matter of time."
Jon Brockman:
On the school rebounding record - "I don't think it's really hit me yet. It's nice to get it out of the way. I was never really worrying about it, but I think it was always in the back of my mind. It's over with and I can get back to whatever I was doing before."

On when it happened in the game - "I'm not really sure. I have no idea. Someone told me before the game and then Coach Romar said something about it after the game. I wasn't very happy after the game. I was happy we won, but I wasn't very happy with the way I played tonight. But a win is a win. You have to put everything aside. Road wins for the league don't just come sitting on your doorstep. I was just proud of how our guys played tonight and places I lacked, they just put forth good effort."

On his struggles - "I just never felt like I was in a rhythm tonight. Defensively I didn't have a good game at all, I made quite a few errors there. It picked up in the second half, but I didn't start the game well. But that's basketball."

On his struggles due partly to the play of Michael Dunigan - "A lot of it I could have just controlled on my own. Stupid stuff. I wasn't finishing very well. That may have been factored in to what happened on the defensive end. They did a great job on defense inside and they played really aggressively and they played really good down low."

On his second foul - "They said that there was a jersey that was grabbed in there. I didn't think I did it, but I may have. I'm going to have to look at the film. It wouldn't surprise me if I did do it, because I do a lot of crazy stuff out there that I don't think I do. They called what they saw and they could have called an intentional (foul) on me, so I was lucky."

On coming to UW thinking about breaking the rebound record - "No. I'm not a number guy. I've never once looked up a record or checked to see how I was doing compared to one. It's just never been my motive. I'm just trying to win games - that's it."

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