2010 Watch: Wenatchee C Mike Marboe

In any normal year, the state of Washington will produce at least three or four D-1 linemen and it appears the 2010 class could see as many as six end up at BCS schools. Arguably the top junior offensive line prospect in the state this coming year will be Wenatchee C Mike Marboe. Read on to see which schools have been making contact as well as his plans over the coming months...

"Skill" players always seem to get the most hype, but they can't do anything without the guys in front of them. Marboe is a player who has been a rising prospect since his freshman season and after he helped lead the Panthers to a 6-3 record while earning First Team AP All-State honors.

"I take pride in what I do out on the field," Marboe told Dawgman.com recently. "I always feel like I can improve and that I need to work hard to get better, so it's all about improving and doing what needs to be done to be the best I can be."

One way that Marboe is improving as a player on the gridiron is to work hard during the winter on the wrestling mat. Even though this is his inaugural season as a wrestler, the athletically gifted interior lineman has already registered a 15-4 record.

"It definitely helps me in conditioning and in working angles and leverage," Marboe said. "It's been a lot of fun for me and it's something I think that can definitely help me become a better football player."

Marboe has also been hard at work in the weight room, improving his bench to a 275 pound max while maintaining a 5.4 forty.

With his skills on display this past season, Marboe has already been hearing from schools across the country who are gauging interest in their programs as well as wanting to find out more about him.

"He's getting letters from schools from all over," Mike's father Scott said. "He gets stuff every week from different schools."

"Washington, TCU and Washington State have all been sending stuff pretty regularly," Mike said. "Those three, and UCLA has started sending stuff too, but those schools are the one who send stuff pretty much every week.

"I'm actually heading to Oregon State for a wrestling competition so I'm hoping to get down there and talk with the coaches there. I'm interested in every school who wants me and wants to recruit me, but I'm really interested in Washington right now and what they are doing there with the new staff. It will be fun to see what ends up happening there this season."

Seeing as Marboe lives approximately halfway between the two in-state schools he's had split loyalty most of his life.

"Early on I was really favoring Wazzu, but U-Dub is making some great hires," Marboe said. "I have family who went to both schools so I like both of them, but U-Dub is a school I'm really interested in right now."

Marboe does not have any offers currently and he knows that working hard this spring on the camp circuit is what lies ahead.

"I'm going to talk with my dad about all that stuff," Marboe said. "We need to figure out where we want to go, but yeah, I will be out there at a lot of camps to show people what I can do."

Marboe is an excellent student, posting a solid 3.9 GPA so qualifying won't be an issue.

Here's two highlight reels of Marboe in action.

#74 C Mike Marboe 2008 Highlights 1 -
#74 C Mike Marboe 2008 Highlights 2 -

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