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SEATTLE - Here are quotes from Lorenzo Romar, Justin Dentmon, Isaiah Thomas and Matthew Bryan-Amaning, as the Washington Huskies defeated the USC Trojans 87-83 in front of a sellout crowd at Bank of America Arena.

Lorenzo Romar:
Opening comments - "Playing against this version of the Trojan team is tough. They're tough defensively and whenever they get the ball in transition I feel like I am in the army and where are the helicopters coming from because they have so many weapons, so many players to go to. When you go and turn the ball over 18 times like we did and you shoot 37 percent like we did and you still win, that is something that I am very proud of my guys. Granted we were 32 of 40 from the line, if we don't make our fouls the outcame is probably different, but we did. Our guys did a tremendous job of stepping up to the line and putting the ball in the basket. We were able to come out with the victory. Our guys really competed and battled."

On if having Brandon Roy there helped - "It certainly didn't hurt, it was great to win this and make Brandon's day complete, and make our day complete. The crowd was the best it's been all year, today the crowd was senstional and it really helped us."

On Demar Deronzan - "He got into foul trouble and we just concentrated on him a little more. He is an awfully good basketball player."

On the players - "Say what you want, whatever you said in the past, Justin Dentmon is having a heck of a senior year. He stepped up big time for us tonight. That's what you count on seniors to do and he did it. Darnell Gant and Justin Holiday won't get a lot of recgonition but they were very good for us tonight defensively. They plyed great roles for us tonight."
Justin Dentmon:
On being in first - "It feels good. This is new times. It feels great to be in this position. We just got to fight for it and stay in this position."

On how they broke away - "When they got in foul trouble. I think once they got in foul trouble they got out of a box and one and went to triangle and two and it gave us more opportunities at the basket."

On guard play - "I was just thinking about winning. Their guards are really big, we never faced guards like that this year. It was really difficult for us but we managed at the end, we just had to stay composed."

On if this is the most physical team they've played - "Close to it as far as the guards. With the bigs I think Kansas was more physical than this team. This team packed it in more and we had to hit our outside shots."
Isaiah Thomas:
On USC - "This might be the most physical team we will play. It came down to who wanted it more and who was tougher. We, obviously, were tougher (tonight) and wanted it more than they did. I had to be patient (tonight). They ran that triangle and two then they went to a box-and-one. Whenever they are in a junk defense like that you have to be patient. Coach just kept telling me to be more patient and the shots will come. I just did that and my teammates did a great job of finding me."

On the scuffle with Gibson - "Nothing it was just a heated battle. Two Pac-10 teams going at it in this environment. After the game we settled it."

On watching Roy - "It was weird, watching him getting his jersey retired, we got to win this game just because of that. It got us hyped up. We came out and played hard."

On players stepping up: It was huge, knowing we have so many different weapons on this team this year. When guys aren't on their game other guys step up. Guys aren't playing as well as they usually are, Brockman didn't play well, but we stepped it up and got the win for our team."
Matthew Bryan-Amaning:
On if the the game was a test of will - "It was a real tough game for the whole 40 minutes. We just ran our sets. Coach said, 'it was going to be a long game'. We just kept running our stuff and slowly they would break down. You could see all the way to the end that they just stayed with what they were doing and we stayed with what we were doing and we were able to come out with a win."

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