Shackelford talks about commitment

It didn't take Sonny Shackelford long to make a decision that Washington was for him. In fact, he knew even before he tripped to Seattle this weekend to visit the school of his choice. And with that decision in hand, you would expect Shackleford to be done with the process, but that isn't so. In fact, he still wants to make sure his decision is the best one for him.

"It's going to take a whole lot," Sonny told tonight when asked what it would take for him to back off his verbal commitment to play football for Washington. "But I still have to see what's out there. I told Coach Neuheisel that and he was alright with that."

Matt Fountaine was Sonny's host. "He just told me how it is as a freshman," Shackelford said. "He helped me get around campus and stuff. He gave me the freshman life tour."

When it comes to a highlight or two, Sonny can't decide. "Everything was a highlight," he said. "We did a lot. We went to the Space Needle and had an academic tour and went out to eat again. We ate a lot! And then on Friday we went to breakfast, had a tour of the stadium, went to Jillians, a pool place, to hang out and then went back to the stadium. They had our jerseys there with our names on the back and had our names on the scoreboard."

Bobby Kennedy gave Shackelford the low-down on where they plan on playing him. "They like me as a slot man," he said. And while he said he was 'helpful' when talking to the other recruits, he didn't feel the urge to be a recruiter. "Nah. I already knew a lot of the guys that were there, like Devin Stearns, Chris Hemphill and Quintin Daniels. It would be nice to have your friends playing with you, but they have to make the decision for themselves.

Sonny did confirm that Chris Hemphill verbally committed as well. We'll be in touch with Chris for his thoughts.0

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