Simpson makes decision Sunday

Clarence Simpson is a 6-3, 180-pound cornerback prospect from Sylmar, California, and Clarence was supposed to head north this weekend with his friend and teammate Louis Solis, but Solis was busy playing basketball this weekend. That meant Simpson was on his own - literally. But when his plane touched down at Sea-Tac Friday and he started into his 48-hour odyssey with the University of Washington, did he know that he was about to make a life decision with the help of some new-found friends?

"I got in just now from my visit, but I'm not tired," Simpson told Sunday night. "I'm just about to go see my girlfriend." And when he sees her, he'll have some special news to share - Clarence is going to be a Washington Husky.

"I committed to them on my trip," he said. "I told Coach (Rick) Neuheisel and he was really happy. Coach (Bobby) Kennedy was all smiles. He said I made his day. I know I'm definitely going in as a corner. I hope I can play as a true freshman. I plan on working hard to do that too."

Clarence gave us some tidbits about his visit. "I hung out a little with the team and went out with my host, Shelton Sampson," he said." "He was real cool. He's really good too. I had a chance to watch him practice." So who is faster? Simpson or Sampson? "I think Shelton is just a little bit quicker. Not much, but a little. Their practices were intense! It was nice though. They have an indoor practice facility that they play in, so I liked it a lot.

"On Saturday we took tours around the campus and ate a lot. We hung out with the players too, played games with them and went bowling. And then at night I went out with Shelton again."

Clarence's experience at the Metropolitan Grill is something he won't forget soon. "I'm not really big into steak or anything like that, so I ordered some salmon, the whole fish," he said. "Tank (Terry Johnson) ate the most. I don't know what he ordered but he was eating a lot of meat. I liked him a lot. He's a defensive lineman, so he's always fired up."

Simpson also had nothing but superlatives when it came to his time coming down the tunnel and into Husky Stadium. "That stadium is right on the water and it's amazing," he said. "A lot of things about that place, it was just like, 'Wow!'.

Any final thoughts for Husky fans Clarence? "What do Husky fans need to know about me? That I'm coming to play," he said. "I'm definitely coming to play. And I plan on doing some great things at their University. I guess it's my University now. I definitely have high expectations for myself and I plan on achieving them."

And thoughts of other official visits? "That's it," Clarence said. "I'm done."

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