Dwight Stephenson Jr. trip report

Dwight Stephenson Jr is a 6-3, 220-pound defensive end prospect from Boca Raton (Florida) Pope John Paul II, and Dwight made quite the circuitous route to get to Seattle this weekend from Miami. Included were two missed flights and a two-hour delay. But all in all it was a weekend well spent for Dwight, as his main objective was achieved - a scholarship offer from the Washington Huskies.

"Yeah, I spent all day flying," Dwight told Dawgman.com this morning. I missed my first flight and the next one got delayed for two hours. And then I missed my connecting flight in Dallas. But it was OK. I didn't get to Seattle until around midnight."

But Charles Frederick, his good friend, was waiting for him to show Dwight around. "He told me that the adjustment isn't as bad as you might think," he said. "He told me that you'll get a little homesick from time to time, but that it's not a big deal. He said that if I stayed close to home, every day would be the same thing, but being away from home is more exciting."

The other two players from the PJPII Pipeline, kicker John Anderson and running back Rich Alexis, were also with Stephenson to lend their advice. "Yeah, they told me that there's a real opportunity to come and play," he said. "With their rush backers leaving, like Kai Ellis. They told me it was the perfect opportunity."

Rick Neuheisel and Randy Hart echoed those sentiments. "Coach Hart broke it all down for me on the board," Dwight said. "He showed me who was leaving and who was going to be back and how many years they have left. He said as a rush end backer my responsibilities would be to just go in there and cause a lot of havoc. Coach Neuheisel offered me on my trip. He told me that they need me and want me to come up there really bad."

Dwight was taken with the Husky head coach. "He's a great man, a player's coach," Stephenson said. "I know with some coaches you don't get very close to them, but he's not like that. And he's strict too, but he wants what's best for the team."

So what was Dwight's first impression of the Emerald City? "When we were driving by the city you could see everything and the mountains too," he said. "It reminded me a lot of Miami with the water, but Seattle has more hills."

And like Juan Garcia, Stephenson loved the tunnel. "I don't know if you've ever been down that tunnel, but it's a long tunnel," he said. "When you're walking down that tunnel to the stadium, it's just breathtaking."

Dwight and ET took a trip to the Space Needle. "It was cool getting up there and eating, but that elevator ride - man!" he exclaimed. "I've never been up so high. I'm not great with heights and neither is ET, but it was OK once we got there. It was pretty cool."

So when Neuheisel offered Dwight, what was his reaction? "Well, I told Coach that Washington was really under strong consideration," he said. "I'd say right now it's going to be between Notre Dame, Florida and Washington."

Notre Dame is relatively new to the recruiting picture for Dwight. "I know the weather is going to be tough, getting out of that airplane when it's 15 degrees outside, but I know that a degree from Notre Dame or Washington is one I can anywhere with me," he said. "But I liked how the coach that is recruiting me has more of a military style. That's what I was raised on, so I'm familiar with it."

January 17th is Dwight's tentative date for a visit to South Bend. And in closing, how did Stephenson rate his visit? "I'd give it an 8.5," he said.

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