Chad Green trip report

Chad Green is a 6-1, 175-pound cornerback prospect from Van Nuys (Calif.) Birmingham and Chad was supposed to come up to Seattle this weekend with teammate Dennis Keyes, who originally had committed to UCLA before Bob Toledo was fired. Well, when Chad got to the airport Dennis was nowhere to be found. And he didn't get on the plane with Green. But that didn't stop Chad from having a blast on his official visit to Washington.

"I was a little shocked when I didn't see him," Green told this morning about Keyes. "I wanted to call him up, see if he was OK, see if something happened."

Chad got up to Seattle on Thursday. "They showed us a little of everything when I got there," he said. "We ate lunch and then went to school and I got to see the academic side of things as well as the football side." Chad said that his interests for a degree include something in the sports medicine/kinesiology field.

Evan Benjamin was Chad's host. "He told me that he was a nervous wreck the first time he went out to play, but it got a lot better," Green said. "He said playing in college isn't as big of an adjustment as you might think. You just have to overcome it."

When asked what the highlights of his visit were, Chad immediately said with a laugh, "Well, it didn't rain! I know it rains a lot up there so that was kind of weird. But I really liked how the players were, really welcoming. Almost every guy on the team came up at some point to introduce themselves and to say hello and find out who I was."

There was one player in particular that Chad got to know well. "Roc Alexander," Green said. "I talked to him a lot because he's injured right now. Coach Neuheisel introduced us and we got to talking more and more. I got a lot of information from Roc, a lot of information about the school." Green also mentioned how fun it was to meet Reggie Williams. "He's a really nice guy, an excellent wide receiver."

The Space Needle got the best of Chad for a minute or two. "I was up there sitting with Sonny (Shackelford) and I realized, 'Man, this thing is moving!'. I thought it was the wind, because we were so high up, like when you're on the big rides at Magic Mountain. You know how the wind can blow really hard and move things? That's what I thought until I realized we were moving in a circle. I was like, 'What's going on?'" (laughs)

The Huskies are recruiting Chad as a cornerback. "They talked to me about their schemes and how they use their cornerbacks," he said. "They showed me how they break a team down, their personnel usage, things like that." And Neuheisel was quick to show Green some love. "It seemed like we talked every 5 minutes. He let me know that I still have a scholarship offer there and that any time I wanted to say the word, it's there. But he knows that I'm still exploring my options. I knew I wasn't going to commit, but a couple of times I thought to myself that this place is the closest I'll find to Birmingham."

He's got visits set up for Oregon (1/10), Arizona State (1/17) and LSU (1/24) before making his final decision.

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