Sark reviews the 2009 recruiting class

The new Husky coaching staff signed 18 recruits on Wednesday and head coach Steve Sarkisian met with the media to go over the new players and about how they will fit into the program.

Santiago (Corona, Ca.) TE Marlion Barnett - "Marlion Barnett is a tight end from Santiago High School in Corona. Really more of an H-Back type of a guy, great hands, 1,500 yard receiver as a junior. We're excited about him. We had him at camp at SC, he was an early commit here, we stuck with him and I think he's got a chance to play early for us."

El Camino (JC) S David Batts - "David Batts is a junior college safety, a three for three kid, big physical good-looking kid. He's how they're supposed to look. He obviously has some work to do in the classroom, but I think he's a guy that can have immediate impact for us, not only on defense but on special teams as well."

Allan Hancock (JC) TE Dorson Boyce - "Dorson Boyce is a physical tight end, not the tallest kid, 6-2, 245, that's a physical blocker-type that we need. If we're going to establish ourselves as a physical football team, we need that type of a guy in our program that can knock people off the football, I think he'll be a nice compliment to some of the guys we have in our program."

Lakewood (Lakewood, Ca.) DE Talia Crichton - "Talia Crichton is a defensive end out of Lakewood High School who is a fantastic pass-rusher. This guys is a split-end pass rusher, a LEO in our system, who can really rush. In this conference, if you're going to be good, especially on third down, you'd better be able to get after the quarterback and that guy can do that for us. I'm really excited about this guy."

Clovis West (Fresno, Ca.) Nathan Fellner - "Nate Fellner is a safety out of Fresno. Real physical kid. He puts his hat on guys and he played some offense. Excited about Nate because he's another that, not only can he do things on defense, he's going to help us on special teams. Very smart kid and he's the grandson of Jim Sweeney, he's been around football his whole life and it's good for us to get those football junkies into our program that love being around the game."

Mt. San Antonio (JC) Dominique Gaisie - "Dominique Gaisie is a junior college cornerback from Mt. San Antonio. Don't be fooled by 5-9, 165, this guy's a physical football player and he's a great return guy. We expect him to come in and contribute right off the bat. He's a physical kid that can help on special teams as well."

Valley Center (Escondido, Ca.) James Johnson - "James Johnson is probably, in my opinion, the biggest get in this class because we needed a guy to come in and play wide receiver right now. He can do that and he can get down the field, make plays in the passing game, he'll help us on special teams. He gets the game of football. It's important for us to get more football guys around this program."

El Camino (JC) Daniel Mafoe - "Daniel Mafoe is a big physical tackle out of El Camino College. Again, another JC guy that hopefully help us fill the need along the offensive line. People are probably going to look at this class and say ‘why aren't there more o-linemen if the o-line was such a need?'. It's one thing to fill a need with numbers than it is to fill it with guys who can really play. The offensive line this year was not a big year on the west coast, there wasn't a lot of kids and instead of just taking numbers and not actually getting better we decided to take what we thought was the best guy we could take at tackle and then maybe some position moves and things to get done and obviously next year the emphasis will be up front for us to get it done on the o-line."

Bakersfield (JC) P William Mahan - "Will Mahan the punter, obviously the top JC punter in the country and we're ecstatic that we're able to get Will in here. Again if you're going to be good at football, you've got to be good in all areas and special teams will be huge for us."

Punahou (Honolulu, Hi.) ATH Kimo Makaula - "Kimo Makaula is a fantastic athlete from Punahou. This kid was the quarterback from the state championship team. The first day I saw him, I thought he was somebody else (Manti Teo) because he's that good-looking of a kid. He can play fullback, tight end, possibly defensive end, his upside is huge. I'm excited about this kid. He's a great student and again a football junkie that is a well-equipped athlete that can do a lot of different things. I love that fact that he was the quarterback on a championship winning team and he brings a lot of leadership and a winning mentality to our program."

St. John Bosco (Bellflower, Ca.) QB Keith Price - "Keith Price is a fantastic football player. When I first got here he was one of the keys, the guy we had to keep on board whom we had committed. He can make plays with his arm, he can make plays with his feet, he's a great leader and I'm excited about Keith."

Federal Way (Wa.) LB Andru Pulu - "Andru Pulu is a local kid. He's a physical kid. I'm anxious to watch Pulu develop. He may develop into a defensive lineman, I don't know, but right now he's a big, physical middle linebacker that can put his hat on guys and that I think can have an immediate impact on special teams."

Tustin (Ca.) DT Chris Robinson - "Chris Robinson, defensive tackle out of Tustin, another guy we had to hold onto late because people were coming after this guy hard. Nick Holt did a good job of fighting teams off and keeping him. I think this kid is going to have an immediate impact. He's a big, physical, explosive kid that can really come off the football. He reminds us of Sedrick Ellis from back at SC, he's got that type of build and structure to him."

St. John Bosco S William Shamburger - "Will Shamburger is a kid out of St. John Bosco who is a fantastic athlete. He's a safety, receiver, outside linebacker and where exactly he ends up, I don't know. Again, another special teams guy. We're going to see where he fits in and we're going to give him his opportunity at safety, but he could fill out into a ‘backer or lengthen out to be a receiver, but we need more guys that can play a lot of positions and do a lot of things for us."

Cerritos (JC) DT Johnny Tivao - "Johnny Tivao is a defensive tackle. This guys a load. He's a noseguard, he can handle the center really well, a two-gap guy, JC kid who's mature and very physical. You'll see highlights of him at fullback, he can move well for his size and an immediate impact guy."

Hilo (Hi.) DT Semisi Tokolahi - "Semisi Tokolahi from Hilo, this kid is a great kid. He's a fun kid, 6-3, 320, this is what they're supposed to look like when they come in. Anxious to get this guy to be a part of our program. I think he's got a winner's mentality and a beautiful family."

Wilson (Tacoma, Wa.) CB Desmond Trufant - "Desmond Trufant, for us a big get, this was the first home visit we did with Nick Holt. Big get. Keeping the local kids, the local talent coming to U-Dub, I think this kid's upside is tremendous. Obviously we all know the lineage of the family. I think this kid is going to have a huge upside in our program."

Narbonne (Harbor City, Ca.) LB Tim Tucker - "Tim Tucker is a linebacker, possible fullback, big physical thumper-type guy which if we're going to become the physical football team we went to become we have to get more guys like him in our program." Top Stories