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BERKELEY - Here are quotes from Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar and Quincy Pondexter as the Huskies lost to California 86-71 at Haas Pavilion Thursday night.

Coach Lorenzo Romar

?On if this game compared to the Arizona loss: A little bit but it's worse in that in the Arizona game we still found a way to scrap down the stretch. In the Arizona game we still tried to play right. We just didn't have a very good defensive effort that night and they got hot. Tonight I didn't think we were in sync the entire time. Give Cal a lot of credit. They were an absolute machine in the second half. They really executed on both ends of the floor. I think we were frustrated a little bit offensively. Tonight was really uncharacteristic of this Husky team in that we weren't sharing the ball as much as we have been in the past. We kind of reverted back to a couple months ago when we didn't share.

?On Cal's defense on Jon Brockman: They did a good job on Jon Brockman. They had a guy defending him and another guy parked in his lap. When that's happened we've had other guys to step up in his spot. Tonight we just did not share the ball as much as we should. We were probably a little bit more stagnant than we should have been.

On the game in general: We didn't play right in the first half. We talked about it at halftime. We made all these mental mistakes and we were still up two. In the second half we played with a little energy in spurts but we didn't sustain it. And then we did a great job guarding Christopher and Randle in the first half, and then Randle goes crazy. I thought Wilkes had a fantastic game, he's really been playing well lately. They got in a rhythm, got comfortable, and we weren't able to overcome it.

?On how Washington matches up with Cal: It is a very difficult matchup. Their wings are so big for us. There were times when we needed an offensive lineup out on the floor, but if we had that we'd suffer on the defensive end. If we had a defensive lineup in, it was hard for us to score. It is a tough matchup for us.

On having an extra day before the next game: Start checking over the years the teams that play on the road on Sundays, what kind of success they've had. That extra day is always good for rest.

?On Quincy Pondexter's game: Offensively he stepped up and was very aggressive tonight, which was good to see. He rebounded well also.

On Washington playing selfishly: We would penetrate, we'd have guys open, and we wouldn't give up the ball. As they say in the school yard, we didn't give up the rock. There were times when we'd have post position, they'd double us, and we'd fail to hit the open guy. We would settle for the jump shot as opposed to making the extra pass and maybe getting the penetration drive. Things that we had been doing for a couple months now.

?On why it happened: One never knows sometimes. It's not something you see coming. Sometimes with young people it just comes out of nowhere.

On Justin Dentmon's game: I didn't think he forced the ball. He missed some shots early. He's been shooting so well, it's one of those things where his success can be his curse as far as other people saying, "How did he miss a shot? He missed a shot?!" He ended up coming back in the second half. I thought he did an outstanding job on Patrick Christopher.

Quincy Pondexter

On why Washington struggled: We just weren't moving the ball. I had a feeling it was going to catch up to us sometime sooner or later. Tonight was just one of those nights. It's tough to come out and play this way.

?On whether he could see this coming: You could see glimpses of it, because our turnovers are most of the time higher than our assists. We've been trying to even that out. Tonight was just one of those nights where we didn't have many assists at all.

On his season-high tying 21 point night: My teammates were finding me. It was one of those games where I thought we needed to step up for our team to win. That's been my role all year - whenever we need something, I'll do it. But I don't want to come out and score a lot of points every day. I'll give up my points for a win any day.

On how Cal pulled away late: We weren't getting defensive stops. We weren't paying attention to our defensive assignments. We let them get a lot of easy baskets. They capitalized on it.

On Cal and the game in general: They are really scrappy. They came out and played harder than us tonight. In Seattle we had a lot of mental mistakes at the end that were crucial. It just sucks to get swept by a team in this league. I wish we could get this game back, but we can't. We've just got to move on and get ready for Sunday.

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