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SEATTLE - Here are quotes from Lorenzo Romar, Justin Dentmon and Quincy Pondexter after the Washington Huskies defeated Oregon State 79-60 Thursday night at Bank of America Arena.

Lorenzo Romar:
Opening comments - "As my good buddy Steve Lavin always says, ‘Sometimes you just have to move the chains, just keep getting yardage.' I thought that's kind of how we played tonight. Oregon State does a great job, they really challenge you and do a good job of defending you with those zones. They play great, fundamentally smart basketball and if you make any mistakes they burn you.

On the second half - "In the second half we backed our pressure off a little bit and that cut down some of those layups."

On Dentmon - "Justin Dentmon had another phenomenal basketball game- passed it, scored it, hit big shots, played good defense. Played like a senior."

On feelings of the game - "This game really concerned me coming into this game because I know what Oregon State is capable of doing. They play a different style and they're hard to play against. The game went a little bit like the game in Corvallis where it took our guys a little bit to settle down and really figure out how to play against them. Once that happened we were able to slowly separate ourselves."
Justin Dentmon:
On if the Beavers had more effort this time - "Yea I think they came out with way more effort. They came out more aggressive, the zone was more active, it set the tone for their defense."

On if took some time to figure out the zone - "It took us awhile because we were trying to make a home run play, make one pass and try and get a shot up. We should of moved the ball and then tried to crack their defense for more open shots."

On if the alley-oop was a turning point - "It was a turning point for our defense, it really pumped us up on defense and allowed us to get more stops, and getting a lead before halftime."

On if they will make fun of Venoy for the missed dunk - "No, I tried to tell him to dunk it with two hands, it looks better and is easier. If he get a break he's going to dunk it, left or right handed, it doesn't matter."
Quincy Pondexter:
On figuring out the OSU defense - "They really paid a lot of attention to detail on their defensive end and I think it caught us a little off guard how they were executing their defensive game plan and that 1-3-1 zone. We kept trying to work through it and noticed the little differences, just executed."

On difference between the halves - "We moved a lot better without the ball. We didn't try to make the home run play. Passed a lot of the time and we were a lot more patient and therefore we got a lot of easy baskets by heading inside and finding the best 3-point shooter in the country right now, Justin Dentmon."

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