2010 watch: O'Dea OL Ben Riva

O'Dea (Seattle) OL Ben Riva is a player who was offered by Tyrone Willingham before he was let go by the Huskies at the end of the season. While he was a big Husky fan growing up, he's continued to keep his options open and while other Pac 10 schools have been talking to him about visiting them he has yet to hear from the new Washington coaches.

"I'm still hoping to talk to (the Washington coaches) pretty soon," Riva told Dawgman.com on Monday. "They are up at my school all the time, so I know I can talk to them at any time, I just haven't yet."

Riva said schools like UCLA and Washington State, along with USC and Michigan have all made inquiries.

"UCLA wants me to come down there for their junior day on March 7th, so I'll probably head down for that," Riva said. "I'm definitely going to Washington State's on February 28th and there might be another couple of schools that I might take a look at.

"Really I'm open to everyone who wants to recruit me. It's still really early, so I'm not too concerned with it right now."

Riva said he plans to take in the NIKE camp at Oregon on June 13th and while he's down there he may visit Oregon State and talk with the Oregon coaches when he's campus as well.

"None of the schools has really told me where they are looking at putting me if I go to their school," Riva said. "I think they all want me outside, just because of my footwork and how big I am and how good my feet are."

Riva said his quick feet are the result of his years as a basketball player, but now he's concentrating on getting ready for college football.

"I'm done with basketball, it's strictly football now," Riva said. "My bench is up to 315 and my squat is in the mid 400's and my power-clean is in the mid 200's.

"I'm just going to keep working on hard and focusing on what I need to do to get better, the rest will take care of itself," Riva said.

We'll continue to track Riva's progress and update things as they change.

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