2010 Watch: Skyline OL Jase Butorac

The state of Washington has a plethora of talented lineman this year and Skyline's Jase Butorac is a young man who has the unenviable task of protecting the blindside of quite possibly the top quarterback prospect in the nation – Jake Heaps. Because Heaps is getting so much early attention, that has helped his teammate and friend get more attention as well…

Butorac measures in at 6-3, 275 right now and he has a 285 pound bench press, a 500 pound squat and a 5.3 forty time, but it isn't his measurables that schools are interested in...

"They all say they like my smarts and how I always know my assignments," Butorac told Dawgman.com. "They like my quick feet to, so I've had a few schools tell me they like me inside and not at tackle."

Even though schools like him at either guard or center at the next level, Butorac takes his high school assignment very seriously, although he doesn't like to think about it too much.

"I take it as an honor, but I can't think about it too much," Butorac said. "I mean, he's my friend and I've known him since the fifth grade, so he makes me look good because he makes such quick reads and gets the ball out of his hands, but we make him look good at times too, so we always just look at it as a team thing.

"But if I think about it too much, then I will get too involved with worrying about what I'm doing instead of focusing on the guy in front of me. I mean, with all the attention Jake is getting, I can't worry about it too much otherwise they will be seeing me get beat on the tapes because I'm not focused on what I should be."

Butorac said he plays to attend Washington State's junior day on February 28th and that he will take in Oregon State's junior day early next month.

"Washington and Stanford are also recruiting me, but I haven't heard a lot from them yet," Butorac said. "I spoke with coach (Jim) Mihalczik once and he said he liked me a lot and we talked about some things, but he's not there right now and I haven't heard from the new o-line coach yet.

"I'd say the Cougars and Stanford and U-Dub are the schools that are my top three and I'd say at this point that Washington is number three, but that's just because I haven't talked to them very much yet. I plan on doing that though and I'm not just going to blow them off or anything like that."

Butorac hasn't made any camp or combine plans yet, but he said he will probably sit down with his parents in the future and map that out.

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