A Shout Out to Quincy

Quincy, you've been through a lot in your first three seasons at Washington. You've had some ups, but you've also has a lot of downs. You've been dragged through the mud, and kicked on the message boards mercilessly – and you take it personally. You want to be an integral part of Husky nation - though many beat you up - but still you're fighting for them.

You've struggled with finding your role, learning how to be a basketball player rather than an athlete - and your confidence has been shattered at times. You're an emotional guy who wants to forge a career in the game you love, but whose emotions get the best of you at times. We all know you are trying the best you can – it just hasn't panned out how you'd hoped, or how the fans had hoped.

Until now.

Quincy, we've watched you drag yourself up to the outer gym after every game, exhausted physically and mentally, just to get in some additional work while the rest of the team heads home to the comfort of their beds. We've heard the stories of how you've agonized over mistakes, moreso than you probably should have. We've seen kids mob you for autographs, always given with a smile on your face regardless of whether or not you were smiling on the inside. We know how much this means to you.

And this past Saturday was the culmination of all of the above. You were brilliant against USC. Everything you have wanted to be, everything the fans have expected of you, poured out on the court in a flood of basketball fury. You were white hot, yet had ice in your veins at the same time. And you put the team on your back when your teammates could not. You dominated the Trojans' young phenom - their response only silence from the crowd as victory was snatched from their grasp. You willed your team to arguably their biggest victory in three years.

You deserved that game, Quincy. The statistics don't matter because your impact was more profound than any number. This is what we have all been waiting for. It's been building for several weeks now; quietly gaining momentum, gaining confidence.

It all came together in 40 minutes Saturday at the Galen Center.

And even though Husky Nation wasn't there to enjoy it in person, they were celebrating every minute of it with you. You made them very proud, Mr. Pondexter. More importantly, you should be proud of yourself.

Now all you have to do is do it again.

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