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SEATTLE - Here are quotes from Lorenzo Romar, Jon Brockman, Isaiah Thomas and Venoy Overton after the Washington Huskies defeated the Arizona Wildcats 83-78 Saturday afternoon at Bank of America Arena. The win gave Washington at least a share of the Pac-10 conference title, something they haven't done since 1985.

Lorenzo Romar:
Opening statement - "Another team effort by our guys. The crowd, you talk about a sixth man, our crowd was unbelievable today. They helped will us to a victory. I thought we came out a little sluggish in the first half. In the second half we got down but continued to persevere and continue to work together and we were able to pull it out. Jon Brockman was big, but nothing was bigger than his free-throws down the stretch at the end of the game. Lot of heroes in this game."

On guarding Nic Wise - "I think off the ball everyone was aware of where he was. With the combination of Thomas and Overton those guys made a commitment to contain him and keep him in front and the players off the ball made a commitment to know where he was at all times."

On if he played nine guys to find mismatches - "Not looking for combinations as much as trying to use a lot of bodies and take advantage of our depth. If you look at the minutes distributed Jon Brockman gets 33 minutes and no one else played over 30. There was a method to that because we wanted to shuffle guys in and out and keep guys fresh. I think that helped down that stretch."

On getting animated on the Overton foul - "I thought at that point we just couldn't allow that to go on the rest of the game where there's contact on us and nothing is called. I thought the officials did a great job of managing that game, they were constantly in our ear and telling us to calm down and relax. I thought as a group they did a really good job. Early on I wanted to make sure we made our case."

On what he was thinking when Brockman was shooting his free throws - "He is such a warrior I don't care if he is a one percent free throw shooter he is not going to miss. That's what was going through my mind. Jon wants this so badly he's going to make these free throws."
Jon Brockman:
On being Pac-10 Champs - "We're not done yet. We can celebrate like 2/3 of what we have to get done, we still have a big 1/3 of finishing this thing off."

On if he thought Jordan Hill would come back - "He's a warrior competitor, I figured not much would keep him out. When I found out it was his ankle I thought he would be back as soon as he could. That dude is a beast, he's a big time player. I give him all the respect, he had a great game tonight."

On the team succeeding - "It's the best feeling, I knew this team was capable of it, but I think all of us questioned if we would be able to come together as a group. I'm proud of these guys and the way we've been able to come together as a group and not worry about stats and not worry about all the outside influences. We came together and make winning plays for the team, it's way more special that way. I couldn't ask for anything else."

On the Seattle U. game - "It has the potential to be a tough game if we don't come out focused. It's getting towards the end of the season and think we're past that. We will use it as opportunity to get better and make us even more together as a group for the post season."

On playing with Matthew Bryan-Amaning - "He had some great passes today. They would come and double or the zone would shift over and he had some great passes to me down low. He's been slowing doing it in practice and having some good plays in practice. He just snapped out of his funk he was in. He's a big factor of what we do, playing together with him he can do a lot."
Isaiah Thomas:
On free throws - "It happens, you guys know I make those and I know I make those. It was funny to me how they were sitting on the rim. We won so it wasn't a big deal to me."

On his playing style - "I just wanted to be a aggressive and win the game and we did that and I have a successful way of doing that."

On freshman slump - "As long as were winning I definitely can't be in a slump. If other guys are feeling it it's my job to get them the ball. It's not my job to score every game, whatever you think is, I'm not in a slump. As long as we're winning I'm happy."

On potentially sharing the title - "I don't want to share with nobody. We haven't really won anything yet. We still have a chance to share and I'm not settling for that."

On coming back from down 10 - "I just wanted to be aggressive. I felt they couldn't guard me out there and if I got the ball in transition I could get it (the offense) to go and I did a great job at that. My teammates opened the floor up and I got in seams and made plays. Made winning plays, that's it."

On his shots not falling - "It happens, it happens to the best of them. I'm not really caring about it, it's alright."

On bringing this team back to the Roy days - "I haven't really done anything yet. We still have some work to do but that's what I came here for, bring this city back and bring this team back. As a team we're doing a great job."

On guarding Wise - "We just focused on him. Don't let guys get career highs on us, so we did a lot, focused on him and tried to get the ball out of his hands."
Venoy Overton:
On guarding Wise - "We didn't let him get any confidence. We limited his touches as much as we could, pressured up, just harass him the whole game."

On when he got called for the foul on the steal - "Once I stole the ball I was cheering thinking I thought I got the call on him. Once I heard the call was on me I kind of flipped out. I really jumped in him and almost got another steal after that possession. Right there on that possession I knew I was in his head a little bit."

On what this win means - "We got a chance to get that championship by ourselves, that's what we're shooting for. We got one more big game against Washington State and that's going to top it off."

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