Marboe enjoys Junior Day at Washington

Washington is in the need for a few interior offensive linemen and one of the top prospects in the state is Wenatchee C Mike Marboe. The All-State lineman was at Montlake this past weekend to take in Junior Day and a big Husky basketball win and he talked about things and which new schools have begun to enter the picture...

"It was a really great time there," Marboe told on Wednesday afternoon. "I got to meet with coach (Dan) Cozzetto and coach (Steve) Sarkisian and coach (Mike) Cox and they all were really energetic and just excited to be there and talking to us.

"The whole trip was just really exciting and really a lot of fun. They showed us around, they met with us and broke us up into positions and then the game was awesome and they won so it was great all the way around."

Marboe said coach Cozzetto made it clear what he was looking for in the linemen he wants to bring in.

"He said he's not going to be bringing in any fat guys to play line," Marboe said. "He said he wants guys who can run and since I wrestled, that's all we did was run most of the time so I was pretty happy about that.

"He also went over his philosophy on how to get things done and what he expects. It was really eye-opening."

Marboe also compared his visit to Montlake with his trip the previous weekend to Pullman.

"They were a lot different," Marboe said. "I would definitely say the Washington visit was a lot better, but the Washington State one was good too.

"The coaches at U-Dub are so energetic and when they came in to meet us they were all jumping and yelling and clapping and you can just tell they are really excited to be there and to get back to winning.

"The Wazzu coaches are much more laid back, but they were still good and very welcoming to me. I just think I liked the U-Dub visit a lot better though."

Marboe also mentioned some new schools coming into the picture.

"I just sent some stuff off to BYU and they told me they liked it," Marboe said. "Then Colorado State and Portland State have also started to really show me some interest and I'm getting info from Yale and Princeton and Harvard too."

Marboe said he plans to take in some spring practices if he gets the chance and he also mentioned he was unsure what camps he would be heading to, but he does plan to make some of those as well.

We'll have more from Marboe in the coming weeks as the spring evaluation period gets underway.

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