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In the midst of the post-game interviews, Washington Husky fans learned that their team will have a new defensive secondary coach, as well as a new defensive co-coordinator in 2003. Phil Snow was Bob Toledo's defensive coordinator at UCLA is considered a top notch recruiter.

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  • QB Cody Pickett:

    "We just couldn't get on a roll after those first 17 points and we didn't execute. Purdue played better than us today. Their defense played well today. They tried to double Reggie and had a safety over the top the entire game."

    "You never blame the wind or anything like that. I was a little off early and it just didn't get fixed. We just didn't execute what we were supposed to do."

    "My offensive line did a great job of protecting me, I just have to throw better balls."

    WR Pat Reddick:

    "I think we got up too early and kind of got relaxed. We got a little flat and the momentum changed instantly. When we got back on the field we weren't as crisp and we weren't hitting our passes."

    "We made a lot of mistakes and weren't executing our plays. We didn't get open and we were dropping balls."

    LB Ben Mahdavi:

    "We were playing with a lot of emotion and sometimes guys couldn't hold back. We did some stupid things and gave up 45 yards of penalties in the second quarter. But that is on me, I should have held those guys back. I take responsibility for the actions of my defense."

    "I don't think we got over-confident or too relaxed. We knew what they were going to throw at us, we just didn't execute. But for the most part we were ready."

    "You know when the momentum is changing. We didn't match their intensity in the second half."

    "It's always tough to end the season with a loss, especially your senior season. At the same time, we learned a lot from the losses this season and I am proud of this team."

    REB Kai Ellis:

    "They kept on tackling me after every play. When we did stunts, they'd grab onto our ankles, and the referees didn't call it. They were punching me like Rodney King. They were Big-10 officials but they should have mixed it up with some Pac-10 officials too because they were on their side."

    "We didn't get off the field on third down and didn't get enough pressure on the quarterback and had too many penalties."

    "We were trying to kick some dirt in their face when we were up 17-0, but then the penalties came and they started to get momentum."

    WR Reggie Williams:

    "We didn't get that many plays on offense and we couldn't sustain a drive. They played a simple cover two, and shot the safety over, nothing special. They were a good team, but who cares really."

    "We had a few encounters and a little chatting, but nothing out of the ordinary."

    "I am disappointed that we lost. To me, personally, it is nothing major. I can deal with myself any day. But 100 guys losing the game is what I care about the most."

    "I think Cody played a good game, he did whatever he could."

    "We are going to do whatever we can to prevent this from happening next year. We aren't going to lose anymore if I can have anything to do with it. I feel good about where this team is headed. We have a lot of returning guys."

    We knew it wasn't going to be easy. We really didn't march the ball on them and put it in their face. We just had a few good plays happen to us and we took advantage of them."

    Departing Secondary Coach Bobby Hauck:

    "It makes it difficult when Purdue is as balanced as they are, so we couldn't commit ourselves completely to the pass. In the first half they didn't have many answers to us, but they got on track in the second half."

    "Their Achilles heel has been the red zone, and it was again today. With what they do on offense, they are going to get some yards."

    "There was a lot of emotion today, it was a strange day for me. I thought it was special I was able to finish it up with my guys. I was able to say goodbye to them before I take off for Missoula. I am going to miss the people. The kids I am coaching are all terrific. I have a lot of good friends in Seattle and on this staff."

    Defensive Coordinator Tim Hundley:

    "We didn't really compete well for the ball in the second half. They made third-down plays and we didn't."

    "I think the penalties were a major factor in us letting them back in the game."

    "We are hiring Phil Snow to coach our secondary and be co-coordinator on defense. I think he's a really good football coach. We got a guy that can help our team a great deal. He is going to help us get better."

    "Mike Mapu is going to be in this spring and will help us at defensive end. I think he is going to be a good football player."

    Purdue WR John Standeford: "Reggie Williams tried to disrespect me but I didn't fall for that. They motivated us with all the trash talking that was taking place." Top Stories