Fire and passion drive Richardson

As a redshirt freshman, Husky CB Quinton Richardson was thrown to the proverbial wolves when he started out on the edge against high-powered Oregon. He began the season with an interception and it looked like he could be off to a great start, but like the rest of the team he struggled as the season progressed, but now a year wiser he said he's ready to show Husky nation what he's got...

If he has long sleeves on, Quinton Richardson's gregarious smile and infectious personality are the first things you notice, but the ink on his arms shows a different side of him, one that is focused and intense and ready to show the world he can be one of the best corners in the country.

"I added a few (tatoos)," Richardson told after the first spring practice on March 31st. "Some represent different people who are important to my life and what I want to focus on in my life."

Richardson also sports flames that travel up his right forearm from his wrist to his elbow and that is what leads him to focus on the upcoming 2009 season.

"It represents the fire and passion you have to have for this game to play it the right way," Richardson said. "If you don't have those, then you better get off the field because we want to come out and play with that passion and get our fans into the game as well as keeping us fired up."

Richardson said he can already tell the difference in how the team attitude has done a complete 180 and it starts with the intensity of the new staff.

"Last year is last year," Richardson said. "We can't dwell on what happened last year, but no player out here wants to be a guy known for being on a Husky team that went 0-12 twice.

"We were all embarrassed and frustrated with how things went down last year, but with this new staff and how they have us focused on different things where winning isn't just expected, it's demanded from us, they have instilled the right mentality right off the bat and it's up to us to bring our games up to the level of what they expect."

Richardson said one of the big things this offseason has been getting the team in good physical condition with a new strength and conditioning program that immediately had an effect on the players.

"It was real hard at first, but eventually you get used to it and it's all muscle-memory stuff," Richardson, who weighs in at 195 pounds with 7.2% body fat, said. "It's all about getting leaner and meaner and a lot of the guys have lost weight and figured out how to work out to maximize our full potential and the benefits the workouts will give us."

During Washington's initial spring practice, Richardson could be seen running with the first defensive unit at one of the corner positions and he knows he'll have a battle on his hands every day in practice this spring as well as during the season.

"It doesn't matter what you do weekly, it matters what you do daily," Richardson said. "(The coaches) want us competing and getting better. If you don't then you will get left behind because we're moving forward and it will take all we can give to become the team we all think we can be."

Whatever happens this season, Richardson will always have that new tatoo to remind him of the why he plays the game. Top Stories