Jon Brockman Portsmouth Diary - Day Four

1 a.m, Sunday morning - PORTSMOUTH, VA - I woke up at 9:15 and went and had my first meeting, with the Utah Jazz, at 9:30. It was with their head scout in his hotel room. It's funny, but all the questions seem to be the same for all these meetings.

They were asking me about my hobbies and what I did off the court. They asked about my family and what player I would relate myself to in the NBA and what I could bring to an NBA team.

I think it went really well. It was good to meet them and to talk to them and to get their feel for what they were thinking a little bit. It was the same with the Spurs meeting at 11 am. I think I'll get a chance to work out with both teams.

I don't think the scouts talk as much between themselves; I think they are all trying to get the inside scoop. For instance, I talked to both the Cavaliers and the Spurs and I heard from someone that some of the people on the Cavaliers staff used to be in San Antonio. So I think that guys have been around so many different teams and move around so often that it's done basically the same with every team.

But it was kind of funny; the Spurs...they asked me the question, 'What else do you want to tell us that you wouldn't tell any other team and you want to let us know?' But I don't have any secrets or anything like that.

Right after the meetings I got some food and ate. Around 12:30, me and my roommate Chris Johnson, we took the ferry boat from the hotel across the water to Norfolk. It's a really cool ferry boat; it's the old-school one with the paddle on the back. It's kind of like the boat from Maverick. It was a $1.50 to go over there.

We took the ride over there and went to a mall. We got some food, just to get something else other than hotel food. We went to the Food Court. I got a toasted sub. And then we did a little shopping. They didn't have any Mariners gear at all. We went to Foot Action, then Champs and then to Foot Locker. I was looking in Foot Locker and they had probably 50 University of Washington shirts! Husky shirts.

I asked the guy why there were so many of them all the way out in Virginia. He was laughing and told me that there are a lot of Washington fans out here. He had no idea I played at Washington. I thought that was pretty cool that all the way in Norfolk, Virginia people were getting Washington gear.

But they didn't have any hats.

I got a couple things, though; I got a shirt and a pair of Vans. I like wearing Vans because they are really comfortable and they come in big sizes. I'm not a skateboarder at all. I got a Vans hat and a UFC Tapout shirt.

My Mom will kill me if I say I am a fan, but I enjoy watching it (MMA). She doesn't like it at all. But I go to some of the fights. They have some local fights at North Seattle Community College and Edmonds Community College. On Saturday nights they have a lot of local fighters. It's straight mixed martial arts. They have an octagon - a cage - at North Seattle Community College.

I like Chuck Liddell and Rampage Jackson. Chuck is the guy that put UFC on the map a little bit, so it's hard not to like him. I definitely like the heavyweight fights the best. There's a lot more going on and they take it to a different level. It's a lot more physical. I really enjoy the heavyweight fights.

We had to walk four blocks from the mall to where the ferry was, and right as we were leaving it started to rain. I told Chris that it wasn't going to be one of those Louisiana rains, where it just starts pouring. And right when I said that, it just started downpouring on us. We were all wet and had to wait for the ferry for a little bit, but we made it.

We had about an hour to lay down and rest before we had to head to the gym for our game.

(Ed. Note - Jon's team lost the tournament consolation game 92-74. He had his third-straight double-double, with 11 points and 12 rebounds. They were out-rebounded 62-38, however.)

We got spanked on the boards. It kind of got away from us, that's for sure. I think guys were getting tired, and I think the guys' gusto for winning the games kind of went out the door once we lost yesterday.

After the game I signed a lot of autographs. There were definitely a lot fewer people and scouts and agents at the games today. I think a lot of people took off after the games yesterday. I think they were trying to get home for the Easter holiday.

A reporter down here in Virginia interviewed me for a while after the game about this blog. He said he'd been following it and he thought it was great. He thought it was awesome how people were getting the inside scoop on things that just weren't stats from the games. That was kind of cool, I thought.

I explained to him how Juan (Garcia) had started it and he thought it was really awesome.

I don't think anyone else here really knew. My friend Brandon Miller, he knew it was going on, as well as a lot of people back home. I've gotten a lot of feedback from friends and family.

Afterwards we came back to the hotel. Brandon Miller, who was the manager for our (Washington) team my freshman year, he left to go work for the Sonics mid-way through my junior year. When the Sonics moved to Oklahoma City, he went with them. He was actually in Portsmouth this week, doing work for Oklahoma City. We went to dinner and hung out. We didn't talk about hoops. We just relaxed and laughed and talked about stuff.

At the restaurant, we sat in this booth that had four huge projection screens right in front of us. It was like a movie theater. And Brandon Roy's game was on, and Oklahoma City's game was on too. So we watched the games and talked and I had some great barbeque ribs and good bread pudding. It was nice to be able to relax from the weekend. My body is pretty tired. Playing three games in a row is tough.

After dinner, we came back and I hooked up with (Taylor) Rochestie, (Aron) Baynes and Lawrence Hill. We were in the lobby. They have some nice computers in the lobby, so we were watching some funny You Tube videos.

(Ed. Note - It's at this time when Jon updated his Twitter page to acknowledge the end of the PIT)

They were making fun of me for my Twitter. They don't have Twitter pages. When I was with Spencer (Hawes), I got to meet Shaq and I told him to Twitter me, but he still hasn't hit me up on the Twitter yet. I think I have about 1400 people following me. I think Shaq has something like 400,000.

(Ed. Note - While looking up Twitter info, Jon finds out that the Mariners beat the A's 8-5 on Saturday.)

I'm throwing out the first pitch at the Mariners game Friday. I haven't been able to find tickets yet for Tuesday. I found out about the first pitch today. I met the lady who does it at the P-I Sports Awards banquet and she asked me if I was interested in doing it and I said for sure. That would be awesome. That's going to be a memory I'll have for the rest of my life.

(Ed. Note - Jon also told me that the same night he's throwing out the first pitch, it's Ichiro Bobblehead night. Get your tickets now.)

Everyone was just kind of relaxing and excited to go home. Everyone enjoyed it, but it's nice to just relax and not have to worry about another game.

(Ed. Note - The conversation turns back to You Tube, and specifically a You Tube video of someone called 'Winnebago Man' If you look it up, it's not for family consumption, so please be warned. Jon seemed to think it was funny. Your mileage may vary.)

Tomorrow we leave for the airport at four in the morning. I'm going to try and get a couple of hours sleep, but my plan is to sleep on the plane - that's for sure. I'll be putting on the noise canceling headphones and the iPod. If I'm trying to sleep, I'll probably do country, or Jack Johnson - or something like that. It'll probably be country tomorrow. I like Dierks Bentley. Kenny Chesney is a favorite of mine. I have a sweet little playlist of a bunch of different country singers.

When I'm rolling back in, I'll probably throw on some Nirvana or Pearl Jam or something like that to get back in the Seattle feel.

I have a layover in Denver, but Aron and Taylor fly to Dulles (Washington, D.C.) and then have a non-stop to Seattle. They actually get into Seattle at 10:30 a.m. I don't know why I'm not on that plane. I get in at 2 in the afternoon.

My brother is going to pick me up at the airport and then we'll head straight to Snohomish. We'll be celebrating Easter at my parents' house, so I'm going to tough it out.

I haven't looked at any of the draft stuff yet. Coming here and playing was the best thing I possibly could have done for myself. It really helped me out and put me in a position where I was trying to be. I came here just trying to prove to people that I can play, and the things I do I can do against bigger people. I don't know if people realized the little things, like the rebounding and the hustle and all that kind of stuff

I think I was able to showcase what I could do in a different environment. I was able to hit a couple of jumpers and show that I could shoot from outside a little bit. It was just great for me. It definitely helped me out a lot.

I didn't know a whole lot about Portsmouth coming into it. I had heard a lot about it. I remember it going on when I was at the Boo Williams tournament in AAU when I was in high school. I believe it was Casey Calvary or one of the big men after Casey from Gonzaga...he was at Portsmouth, and I remember thinking that was a cool deal.

After getting here, just realizing all the great tradition and the great players that have come through here, it's just been a great experience. I loved it here and it was awesome being able to network with people and see a lot of players that I hadn't seen in a long time.

I hope I get an invite to Chicago. That would be awesome. They aren't doing 5-on-5 there this year. They are just doing skills and drills and testing. This was the only 5-on-5 that teams were able to watch this year. That helped me a lot. I'll do team workouts and start training as hard as I can and see where that takes me.

I think most teams are going to wait until after all NBA play is done before doing workouts. It'll be around the beginning of June. I think June 1st was the consensus for when teams would start working people out.

I just want to thank everyone that followed this. It means a lot that people are interested in what I have going on. And even though they aren't here it means a lot that they were following and supporting me and were eager to know what I was doing with my days here.

So for everyone out there who followed, thank you very much!
Midnight, Saturday morning - PORTSMOUTH, VA - I just got back to the hotel. Coach Romar and I stopped at the 7-11. I started cramping at the end of the game today, so I got four big things of Vitamin Water, a couple of bananas and my favorite - Fritos Honey BBQ Twists.

We talked a lot about the UW program and what the plans are for this spring and a lot of other stuff besides the game tonight. I think he had more of a fan's hat on tonight.

I'll always be around to help out the guys, even a couple of years down the road. I'll probably get a couple of workouts in with Matthew (Bryan-Amaning) and Darnell (Gant) and Tyreese (Breshers), let them bang me around. Basically I'm going to be trying to work out as much as I possibly can in the next couple of months.

Snohomish and Seattle - that's where I'm from. It's the place I love. When it's all said and done I know for a fact I'll be back in Snohomish. I'll be back in the summers. It's my home.

This was the last game (Romar) is going to be able to watch. He takes off early tomorrow morning. We play at 6 o'clock. With Easter coming up, he's been away from his family for a long time. He went straight from the Final Four to Portsmouth, so he's just ready to go home. I completely understand. But the gym rat that he is and how much he loves basketball, I know he's bummed that he has to leave. But he has to go be with his family, which is cool.

But this will be the first game I'll play in that he won't be either coaching or watching in five years.

I also just got done talking with my agent. I haven't signed the papers yet, but I was talking about it with them. I asked them if it was OK that I told people about it, and they said it was fine. I'm going with the same group Martell (Webster), BRoy (Brandon Roy) and Spencer (Hawes) are all with. It's the Wasserman Group (WMG). My agent is Greg Lawrence, and Bob Myers too.

They are a bigger group. They are located out of L.A. WMG has a lot of guys, and since I know so many people that are represented by them - the Lopez twins are also part of their group, Mark Madsen, Jason Kapono - they have a lot of players under their name. And I really feel like they've been working really well for Martell, Spencer and Brandon, and they showed a lot of interest and I get along really well with them. It was a perfect fit for me.

I was deciding between if I wanted to go with someone that was a smaller group, a middle-of-the-pack group or a big group, and it just turned out that this was the people that I was really comfortable with, and they've already been doing a lot of great work for me.

They are good-sized, but there are a number of people working under WMG. Greg is the guy I'm constantly talking with, and he has a small group of six or seven guys that he deals with. He's always available and I can always talk to him. He's always giving me updates and I'm always giving him updates. So it's a close relationship.

Spencer is constantly talking to him. In fact him and Spencer had lunch today before Spencer's game. And BRoy is always talking to him. He's the guy they all call.

Today was pretty straightforward. I woke up at 9 o'clock and had a meeting with the (Cleveland) Cavaliers. I talked to their scouts. It was real low-key. I think they were just trying to get to know me a little bit. I had breakfast with them. It's the first team meeting I've had down here. It's really informal. We just met in the lobby and had breakfast at a local restaurant.

My agent had set it up the night before. I just go by myself and be myself. I just answer their questions. We talked about fishing for a long time. They wanted to get a grasp on what my family life is like, and life outside of basketball. There were also basketball questions too, like what kind of player I would relate myself to, who in the NBA now, and how I could help a team. I told them Reggie Evans, Leon Powe, Chuck Hayes. Those are the guys I named off this morning. They said those were great examples and completely agree.

For the majority of the time, they were just telling stories and cracking jokes. It was very informal. It lasted about 45 minutes. Not too many guys are getting the sit-downs. I don't think they are common for everyone, but they are definitely interviewing other people and there are other guys here they are interested in. It really is about what players fit with the teams, who they are thinking about bringing in for workouts.

Tomorrow I have two meetings; one at 9:30 with the Utah Jazz and one at 11 with the San Antonio Spurs.

After the meeting, I told Greg how it went, told coach Romar how it went and told my parents too. I also get feedback. Often times coach Romar or Greg will talk to the coaches after the meeting and they let me know how it went and what they thought. They said they enjoyed the meeting and were probably going to work something out to where I have a workout there.

Then I went up to my room and got ready for our luncheon/banquet that we had to go to. It's a big thing for the town of Portsmouth. A lot of people came out to it. We had some good barbeque food; some barbeque chicken and barbeque pork. They honored some high school seniors who got scholarships and gave out some humanitarian awards.

It's a great thing for the community. They really surround this tournament and they really get involved with it. There's great turnout at the games and there's great involvement with everyone in the surrounding businesses and whatnot. You can tell this is their thing. Every year for 57 years they've been doing it and they really get involved with it, volunteer-wise. This is how they showcase Portsmouth to the rest of the country.

There was some social time there too. We were definitely taking pictures and signing autographs for little kids. It was fun. We got to meet a lot of people in the community. We may never see them again, but it was good to meet different people from different places and connect a bit that way.

They didn't know me as well as a lot of the players on the east coast that played on ESPN, but surprisingly I signed a lot of Sports Illustrateds, the one with me and Ryan (Appleby) on the cover. And there were even people that had little pocket schedules from UW that I was signing, as well as a lot of pictures off the internet. It's amazing how that kind of stuff - stuff you would get when you go to our games in Seattle - makes it all the way over to the east coast.

Today I was standing 10 feet away from Larry Bird. I saw Tim Hardaway too. I shook Allen Houston's hand, Rod Strickland - the guys that were there yesterday. It's amazing seeing all these guys and they were great to the community too. They were signing autographs and taking pictures and stuff like that.

I don't think my signature is anywhere near Larry Bird's. But I wanted to go over there and get one for myself, but I didn't. I didn't think it would be very professional.

We came back to the hotel and I took a nap. At four o'clock went to practice. We had a shootaround, it was a light walk-through. Then we came back to the hotel and had a little pre-game pasta at the restaurant and got ready for the game.

(Ed. Note - Jon had his second-straight double-double - 11 points and 16 rebounds - in an 89-73 loss. Coach Romar informed Jon after the game that he's 22 rebounds away from the most rebounds ever in the history of the tournament.)

They were shooting it well and they played together as a team a lot better than we did. They shared the ball and they were just a little more organized. The game was a lot closer than what the final score turned out to be. We were down by nine at halftime and we cut it to five. At the end they pulled away and took control, but we made a run at it. At the end of the day, they were just the better team tonight.

They were keeping their eye on me today. They always had someone boxing me out. It was a much tougher 16 boards than last night's 21. They were trying to body me and be real physical early. When I caught it on the blocks they sent a quick double. They definitely played me a lot differently than the team last night. But as the flow of the game gets going, lanes open up to rebound and I had to do a couple different things to get my body in position to grab the boards.

We had a lot of shots that we normally finish, all our guys...I had a couple tipins that just seemed to dance on top of the rim forever and fell off. They just shot the ball better and finished plays. It's tough. We've only practiced together for two hours as a group, and you're thrown together and expected to play as a team. It's challenging, but we're going to rebound, come back and bounce back for tomorrow.

Tomorrow we have a lot of time off. I'll probably rest up and get a good meal. We don't even have a shootaround, we just have our game at 6.

There's a ferry that leaves right from our hotel that goes across the bay. I found out that we're on the Elizabeth River, which feeds into the Chesapeake Bay. So across the inlet, right by the Elizabeth River, there's a mall. There's a ferry system that runs in a circle, twice an hour. I think we'll probably head over to the mall and the greater-Norfolk area and check that out a little bit.

Surprisingly, I'm not the biggest mall guy in the world. I usually go to the mall just for the food. We got a little per diem while we were down here - nothing huge, around 100 bucks - I'll probably pick up some food, maybe a new Mariners hat. I don't know. We'll see what I'm in the mood for.

I'll be there for Mariners' opening day for sure. Some how, some way - I'll find a ticket.
Midnight, Friday morning, Portsmouth, VA - I just got back from the games and I talked to my family on the phone and ordered some room service. I got a hamburger with a salad and a quesadilla. I haven't eaten since before our game, and we stayed to watch the second game.

I woke up this morning and looked out the window of our hotel room, and I'm right on the water. I had no idea! It's a beautiful view, right on the bay. I'm not what sure what bay it is.

I went down and got some breakfast and met up with a couple of guys that are also at the camp. I can't remember their names. Then we had a players' meeting. Kermit Washington spoke. They went over things like agents and the whole process.

Agents are everywhere down here. It's like one after another. They are just swarming you. My family and coach Romar are helping me out with getting an agent. I know who I'm going with, but I haven't signed the papers or anything. I probably won't announce it until I sign the papers, which would be when I get home.

I got it done before this, just because I didn't want to deal with all this down here. I've had some meetings and already met with a bunch of people and basically narrowed it down to who I'm going to go with. But they are always trying to tell you that if it doesn't work out with who you're going with, to hit me up and they give you their card. They are really pushy. They come up and start off with some small talk, and when they got to it, you tell them that you're taken care of and I've got it handled. That pretty much takes care of everything.

I'm sure they have to have an idea to who I'm talking to, and probably even more of an idea now that I'm telling them, but they keep pushing, keep pressing, keep trying. It happens in the lobby, it happens in the elevator, it happened after the game today. I'm getting it down to where I can end the conversation pretty quickly.

It'll start cooling down here in a little bit when word gets out, but it's happening with everyone. There are a lot of agents, a lot of scouts, a lot of European scouts, a lot of financial advisors...there's just a lot of people from all areas of business here.

It's not that sleazy. I'm sure a little bit of that goes on, but I haven't seen any of that. It's just a really competitive field. It's a lot like colleges recruiting high schools, but they don't have any rules.

After our meeting, we had a little down time until practice, so I went back to my room and took about a 45 minute nap. I was the only guy that got probably 4-5 hours of sleep last night. Then we went to practice and we had a walk-through and put in around three plays, put in our transition, how we were going to guard was only an hour, so an hour isn't a long time to get ready for a team to play.

It definitely has that AAU feel, because you don't have a scout for anyone. You don't have a defensive game plan. It really feels like a mix between AAU and pickup. Because other teams have the same amount of time to prepare, they are going to do on-balls, and that's really all the offense is going to be. So you just have to really guard that, and rebound.

We got the practice out of the way and we came back to the hotel and had our pre-game meal. We just ordered some food from the hotel. I had a turkey-bacon sandwich. Then I came back upstairs and had another 45-minute nap.

(Ed. Note - Jon had 24 points and 21 rebounds in 30 minutes, as his team beat the team with Taylor Rochestie and Lawrence Hill 89-74.)

It was a fun night. It was a fast-paced game. I felt the time change a little bit, because my wind wasn't what it should have been.

I padded a little bit of my stats tonight, because I missed a couple of those chippy shots I should have made. But that's also the feel of way the game is played out here because teams don't have a lot of time to prepare. They can't really put together double-teaming on the box-out and that kind of thing. All the guys are playing equal minutes, so guys are rotating in and out, so it makes it kind of a rebounder's dream.

I started getting double-teamed on offense a little bit today. It's funny, because I played against Taylor Rochestie and Lawrence Hill, two guys from my league. You would figure they would have a pretty good idea for what I was going to try and do. And even Taylor was joking after the game. He was like, 'I tried to warn them, I tried to tell them.'

My teammates were giving me a hard time. They were joking with me and telling me how they hope I don't elbow them in the mouth. Our guys were just pumped up that we won. We're trying to win this tournament. I got a couple of comments, like 'Incredible Hulk'. (Ed. Note - Jon chipped the tooth of an opponent during Thursday night's game.

I am so lucky to have the team that I have. They are really focused on winning, really focused on defense. You never know what draw you're going to get when you come to things like this. You never know what kind of teammates you're going to have, if they are just going to be casting the ball up, or if you can come together in a day. This team has. There are some great players on this team. We hang out and we immediately jelled together.

One of my teammates, Lorenzo Wade, came on a couple of visits to Washington, and we didn't hang out a lot then, but he definitely made me wish he had decided to come to Washington. He can shoot it, he's a great athlete, he's great at defense. He's a weapon from anywhere.

We stayed for the second game, to get an idea of who we are going to play tomorrow and get a feel for the way they played. But it's hard to get a scout on who everyone is. They are kind of similar to the team we played today; they have some big, lanky center and they can really shoot the 3-ball, so we're going to have to guard the 3-point line tomorrow night. They have Marcus Landry from Wisconsin, Alade Amino from Georgia Tech and B.J. Raymond from Xavier.

At the game I hung out with coach Romar for the first half of the second game. He had his coach's hat on still. He was still telling me things I can do better and things I did well. He knows everyone here in the gym. He knows every single person. He was introducing me to some people, like Rod Strickland. I saw Allen Houston in the lobby of the hotel. There are some big-name people walking around here.

He knows so many people. Throughout the four years you kind of get an idea for it, so I wouldn't have expected anything less. But it's just amazing that every time you're with him and people are walking by, they know who he is. And the doors he's opening for me, those doors will keep opening long after I stop playing basketball.

He's a great supporter to have here. I'm really happy he decided to come out and help me out.
2 am Thursday morning, PORTSMOUTH, VA - I just got to my hotel room a few minutes ago. I left Seattle at 11 am and had to fly to Vegas. I had to stay in Vegas for about four hours. I hit some slots and lost all my money, probably about 10 bucks. I was able to budget myself a little bit. I was just extremely bored in the airport.

I slept a little bit, just kind of waited around, ate some lunch, got on the plane and headed out for Norfolk. It was a direct flight.

It took awhile. When we touched down, I was able to turn my phone on at around 12:30 (am). It was a long flight. We waited on the tarmac for a while to take off in Vegas, and we flew around the airport here a couple of times before we landed. They had nothing, not even a movie or dinner - just a couple of snacks.

They pay for our flights, but I was with everyone else in economy. It was pretty uncomfortable, but I did have an aisle seat. That was nice.

It was a 30-minute drive to the hotel. They had van shuttles that were driving back and forth. I was in the last group. Taylor Rochestie was waiting for me at the airport. He was in my group to go back.

We've known each other for a while. We were talking about when we played each other and the rivalry and what we were expecting out of the tournament. It was good to catch up with him and I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot of him this trip.

We play them in our first game tomorrow, so he was talking smack. He was telling me he wasn't going to lose to me three times in a row. I'm two-up on him right now. I told him he was going to have to get used to it one more time.

I saw coach Romar too. He met me in the lobby.

No one was really awake to explain everything to us, so I don't know all the details of everything. I'm going to have to figure it out in the morning, but I think the gym is 10 minutes from the hotel here.

There were a couple of games today (in the tournament). My roommate is Chris Johnson from LSU, and he said we practice tomorrow at 1 o'clock. No one is really sure about the schedule though. It's kind of unclear.

We get to meet our other teammates tomorrow. We should have a pretty good squad.

It still just feels like I'm traveling, just because we really haven't even checked in at all. But we'll wake up tomorrow morning, get some breakfast and it'll start feeling like we're here and we're getting ready to play.

I'm just looking forward to getting back out on the court and playing against some of these other guys you hear a lot about and you don't get a chance to play during the season.
Diary Preview:
For the next few days we'll bring you Brockman's personal insights as he participates in the prestigious Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, a four-day hoopsfest that brings together 64 of the top senior college ballers via invitation. It also attracts scouts, general managers and representatives from the NBA and international basketball leagues, and in the past has been a showcase for five of the of the 50 greatest players in NBA history - Rick Barry, Earl Monroe, Dave Cowens, John Stockton and Scottie Pippen, as well as many others who have tasted success at the professional level.

Below are Jon's thoughts on his preparation and what he knows about the tournament as he gets ready to pack up and head from Seattle to Virginia to take part in the P.I.T.
At first I really wanted to relax my body and make sure the bumps and bruises from the season wouldn't be lingering throughout this whole process. At the same time I wanted to make sure I kept my conditioning and made sure I was still in shape, knowing Portsmouth was coming right around the corner.

I leave Wednesday morning for Portsmouth. They send out invitations from the organizers of the Invitational. I guess they just invite whoever they feel is deserving to be there. There's 60-some seniors there, and they put you on teams. That's all I know about it so far. Maybe they had a draft to put the players together that they thought the entire group would be evenly distributed, but I'm not exactly sure. I do know they were sure to put a couple of point guards on each team, same amount of forwards and centers to make things even.

I've talked to (Washington Head) coach (Lorenzo) Romar, who has been there before, to find out how things go. He told me to go and play my game and not be someone I'm not. What got me there was the way I played, so I need to go there and play the way Jon Brockman plays basketball. (Romar) is going to be there helping me out and to support me.

I fly from SeaTac to Las Vegas, and have a layover there until four. I don't get to Virginia until 12:20 (Thursday morning). Then I have to get to the hotel as soon as possible, get some rest, wake up for breakfast and then get started. We're getting after it right away.

I know a couple of the players (on the Cherry, Bekaert & Holland team he'll be playing on) and have met them just from being at different tournaments and camps and whatnot. (Pitt guard) Levance Fields, we've played against him. He's the main one I know.

We play until Saturday and I fly back out Sunday morning.
We'll be catching up with Jon to get his thoughts on the tournament, how he's fared and what he's learning as he goes about the process of becoming a professional basketball player.

For more information on the P.I.T., click on the link below.

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