Sonny Shackelford CaliFlorida game update caught up with Beverly Hills WR Sonny Shackelford, and he told us about his CaliFlorida Bowl experience, as well as the other visits he plans on taking. Sonny has committed to Washington, but still needs to take these visits before coming to a final decision.

"I had a good time," Sonny said of the California All-Stars' 26-15 win. "Basically the Florida team was talking a lot of mess the whole time and we weren't having it." Shackelford had a big grab to set up California's first touchdown and also held on extra points and field goals.

"I held all my junior year, but last year they wanted me to be available for fakes and stuff so I didn't do it," he said. "Eddie Miller (Venice QB) was supposed to do it but he separated his shoulder. And then Brandon Ting, one of the Ting brothers, was going to but he had the flu the day of the game, so the coaches were like, 'You gotta do it'. So I did."

Sonny also said that he is still taking his visits to Oregon State (1/10) and Arizona (1/17) while already verbally committing to Washington. We'll be in touch with him after those visits to get the final word on his recruitment.

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