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SEATTLE - With everything wide open this spring, anticipation for Washington football has been growing by the week. Saturday the team gets their chance to show what they've been able to accomplish over the past 15 practices in front of a UW crowd eager to get the taste of 2008 out of their mouths.

End of Game: Locker connected with Jermaine Kearse on an 8-yard pass play to close out the scoring in the game. Final Score: Purple 33, White 0.

Here are the final official stats:
Rushing: White - Johnson 5/11, Shaw 4/10, J. Polk 1/4, Freeman 3/1, Fouch 3 (-15); Purple - C. Polk 12/95, Griffin 4/39, Bronson 4/32, Locker 6 (-1)
Passing: White - Fouch 7-16-0 for 52 yards, long of 14; Purple - Locker 16-18-0 for 200 yards and two touchdown, long of 29
Receiving: White - Boyles 3/25, Hayes 3/17, J. Polk 1/10; Purple - Kearse 5/70/1, long of 20, Izbicki 3/28, Homer 3/21, Aguilar 2/36, Middleton 2/16, Griffin 1/29/1, long of 29
Defense: White - Long 6/1, Tuiasosopo 5/1, Roussel 4/1, Galbraith 3/0/1 TFL, Johnson 2/2, Aiyewa 2/1, T.J. Poe 1/3/1 TFL, Amosa 1/3, Houston 1/2/1 TFL, Remington 1/2, Duncan 1/1 TFL, Gobern 0/1; Purple - Butler 4/1/1.5 TFL, Huppert 2/3/1 TFL, Foster 2/2/2.5 TFL, Fogerson 2/1, Williams 2/0/1 FR, Jones1/1, Elisara 1/0, Glenn 1/0, Mosley 0/2, Walker 0/1, Richardson 0/1
Halftime: Not sure of the official stats, but the Purple team is ahead of the White 26-0. Esssentially it's the ones versus the twos, so that is to be expected.

Jake Locker opened the scoring with a 10-yard TD run. He then passed to Devin Aguilar for a 9-yard touchdown. Freshman RB Demitrius Bronson had a 12-yard touchdown run, and then Locker passed to Willie Griffin, who was aided by a great Aguilar block to run 29 yards for another score.

Erik Folk is 2-4 on extra points. He missed his first attempt badly to the right, and then missed his last attempt as it hit the right upright.
1:00 p.m.: Just scanning the north sideline for recruits - the guys I see standing out there, watching the Huskies warm up - Darius Waters, Sione Potoae, Jamaal Kearse, John Goldwire and Willis Wilson (all from Lakes), Chris Young (Auburn), Jake Welch (Mark Morris), Mike Marboe (Wenatchee), Colin Porter (Redmond), Keanon Lowe (Jesuit). I believe there are a couple of California kids on the sidelines too, but I need to double check on that. Overall, there looks to be about 20 recruits.

12:45 p.m.: The specialists just came out, so I'm anticipating the game to start around 1:30. The two sections to the left and right of the band section on the north end are looking pretty full, and there's still a ton of people perusing the east end of the field, where they can see the new uniforms. There's also concessions and a merchandise booth there, and earlier they had the kid's experience on the east field.

Here is a photo gallery of Washington's new uniforms, which are being displayed at the east end of the stadium today. They aren't wearing the uniforms today, however.
11:45 a,m.: Just received the spring game rosters, and they are broken up by purple and gold. Based on how the players have lined up so far this spring, it appears to basically be a 1's vs. 2's lineup, with Cody Bruns and Mykenna Ikehara the only ones listed on both rosters. Here's the breakdown:

Purple: 10 Locker, 1 Polk, 21 Griffin, 22 Bronson, 30 Homer, 4 Izbicki, 80 Middleton, 9 Aguilar, 82 Polk, 15 Kearse, 7 Bruns, 71 Habben, 79 Ossai, 65 Tolar, 56 Kelemete, 73 Schaefer, 51 Ikehara, 96 Matthews, 74 Ta'amu, 66 Te'o-Nesheim, 59 Jones, 99 Elisara, 9 Butler, 40 Foster, 57 Tuiasosopo, 54 Huppert, 36 Fogerson, 39 Walker, 8 Williams, 20 Glenn, 28 Richardson, 19 Mosley.

White: 8 Fouch, 7 Bean, 14 Shaw, 20 Freeman, 47 Sylvester, 41 Togi, 86 Hayes, 87 Savant, 7 Bruns, 12 Leonard, 5 Boyles, 28 Chidiac, 51 Ikehara, 68 Armelin, 61 Christine, 77 Shugert, 70 Rosborough, 63 Kanczugowski, 69 Scott, 53 Galbraith, 89 Remington, 52 Wood, 91 Duncan, 79 Noble, 97 Wiggs, 35 Roussel, 32 Mangum, 43 Poe, 5 Houston, 48 Amosa, 41 Aiyewa, 3 Logan, 34 Johnson, 42 Lappano, 7 Gobern, 27 Long, 38 Persley.

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