Afoa takes second visit this weekend

Wilson Afoa is a 6-3, 260-pound defensive lineman from Honolulu (Hawaii) St. Louis, and Afoa will be taking the time to fly from Hawaii to the mainland this weekend to visit the University of Washington. He's already done this trip once before to Washington State, and was very impressed by what he saw there.

"I went there in December (with Jason Rivers and Tolifili Liufau) and it was nice," Afoa told Wednesday night. "I like their facilities and the campus. I like the countryside there. They definitely caught my eye." When asked what he would give his WSU visit on a scale from one to ten, he said '8'.

Afoa firmed up his plans to visit UW this week. I talked to Coach (Bobby) Kennedy and he asked me if I wanted to take a visit," Wilson said. "I don't know too much about Washington, but I plan on learning a lot about them on this visit."

Wilson also plans on visiting Utah and Hawaii. "It's kind of the same with Utah," he said. "They have a new coaching staff there and I just talked to the new coach (Urban Meyer). He just wanted to know more about me. And with UH, they are the home school, so I'm giving them a chance too, but I'm looking for the best opportunity for me."

Afoa had 51 tackles this year, including 19 for loss and and 6.5 sacks. "This year was a lot more than I expected," he said. "I was just hoping I could help out the team."

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