Simpson solid, but will family win out? spoke last night with Clarence Simpson, a 6-3, 175-pound cornerback from Sylmar, California, and Clarence updated us on his CaliFlorida Bowl experience and how he plans on finishing out the month before signing day. He would like to be done with it, but there might be one more thing he has to take care of before it's completely settled.

"It was real nice, I got a chance to start," Simpson told "I think the highlight was going up against the number one player in the country, Ernie Sims. I had two solo tackles on him."

Clarence talked about his future teammate, Beverly Hills receiver Sonny Shackelford. "We hung out a lot during the week," he said. "Sonny's definitely committed to Washington. We wore U-Dub clothes all week."

Simpson sounds like he's rock solid for the Huskies, but he still might take one more trip - to UCLA. "My family wants me to visit UCLA," Clarence said. "But I'm not sure I want to do that. I don't want to and I don't see any reason to go. I'm solid on my commitment, but if they really want me to visit I might have to."

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