Rankin still looking around?

Dawgman.com caught up with Louis Rankin tonight and the 6-0, 180-pound running back from Stockton (Calif.) Lincoln cleared up some things about his visit to Oregon this past weekend and where he stands with regards to Washington.

"I forgot that I had a trip set up with Oregon early on, so I went on it," Louis said Monday night. "It was OK, but not what I was expecting. Oregon is in a smaller town and it's not really what I am looking for."

The trip he had scheduled previously, to Boise State, has been reset for this coming weekend. Rankin is in search of something - something to top what the University of Washington is offering. "To me, I want to make sure that when I do go to Washington, it's the right place for me," Louis said, commenting that unless another team can beat what the Huskies have, that's where he's going. "Seattle is my kind of city and there's always a lot to do there. And they have a great football team too."

In short, Louis Rankin has a soft commitment to the Huskies at this time. "You could say that," he said. And there's another team that has stepped up as a potential suitor for Rankin's services - the University of Miami. "The coach called a while ago and I didn't get to talk to him but I'm going to set up a visit with them too," Louis said, also noting that he thinks he's been offered by the Hurricanes.

Expect Louis to take these visits and then make his announcement official, but as of right now things look very good for the Huskies in regards to this talented athlete from the Central Valley.

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