Simmons Happy With Huskies

Had he wanted to, Desmond Simmons could have made college coaches follow him all over during July. But, the forward from Oakland was comfortable with Washington and offered up an early commitment. He's glad he did.

During the month of July, high school basketball prospects all across the country will be playing in front of college coaches in hopes of earning a college scholarship. For Desmond Simmons, there are no worries about earning a scholarship because the versatile forward from Oakland secured his commitment a few months ago when he gave a verbal commitment to Lorenzo Romar and Washington.

Of course, that doesn't mean that Simmons has stopped working. He relishes the chance to compete at major camps like the recent NBPA Top 100 Camp.

"You learn a lot at a camp like that," said Simmons. "On the court and off the court. The classrooms and talking to the NBA Players, you learn a lot. Also you can measure yourself and where you are at and see what you need to work on."

While he would have easily attracted a small horde of coaches willing to watch his every move during July, Simmons saw no reason to leave his recruitment open. Much of it has to do with the head of the Huskies program and his approach.

"Coach Romar, I felt like I could trust him," said Simmons of why he pulled the trigger on a commitment. "He's always been real honest and real straightforward with me. I like the way they play. They get out and pressure you on defense and really run on offense which I think fits me.

Labeled as a bit of a tweener by many, Simmons is in many ways a guy without a true position. He can defend the four or the three, runs the floor, scores in the lane, rebounds and knocks down some jumpers here and there. It's that versatility and non stop motor that the Huskies love about him.

"They definitely want me for the energy I bring when I get on the court," Simmons told "They told me to work on my jump shot and some other things. So that's what I'm doing. I don't want to be just one dimension."

While he continues to work on the rest of his game, Simmons says that he feels strongest on the defensive end at this point. In constant contact with Romar and his staff, he's also got a couple of guys whose ear he may be looking to bend during July. More than anything, though, he's approaching the rest of his career like he still has something to prove.

"My mindset is probably a little more hungry. Not that I wasn't before, but it just adds to it," said Simmons. "People know you've committed now so you kind of have an x on your back. It makes you want to work harder if anything." Top Stories