Huskies and Beavers lead for Hudson

He's already been to the Northwest to visit his top two suitors and now Redlands (Ca.) East Valley DE Andrew Hudson wants to see them during the season. caught up with the talented pass-rusher recently and he updated us on things including why both schools top his list as well as what other school may get a visit as well...

"Right now it's between Washington and Oregon State," Hudson told recently. "Both of them really impressed me when I visited them last month and that hasn't changed for me. I really like both staffs and both programs have really appealing factors that make them my favorites, but I'm not close to making a decision yet."

Asked what specifically led him to put both at the top, he had different answers for each program.

"With Washington, it's a program that first and foremost has a real energetic coaching staff," Hudson said. "They are really intense and they just love to coach the game and they work really hard.

"The staff really has the players believing that they can win and that they aren't a team that went 0-12. The players love them and I have some friends that go there (RB Chris Polk, CB Marquis Persley and QB Ronnie Fouch) and they gave it to me straight up about what things have been like and how it's just a completely different feel for them this year.

"Oregon State always gets the most out of their players. They have good facilities there and they have a history of tough defense. They have some great coaches there too, but it's just a little different. They weren't as hyped up, but they were just as intense. I really liked both schools for different reasons."

The other school that has made some headway for Hudson is Arizona and he's trying to get out there to visit the Wildcats this summer before the start of his season.

"It's only an eight-hour drive to get there, so my coach and I are going to try and get over there to check things out," Hudson said. "I would love to get there for the start of camp if I can, but I have to schedule it around our practices.

"We're already running through stuff and then we get our pads in about four weeks, so it will just be when I can make it out there, but they are the other school I'd like to check out a little."

Hudson said he would like to visit both of his favorites during the season to "check them out in game week so I can get a feel for how things would be if I go to that particular school," and over the next few weeks he will sit down with his family as well as his coach to set those up.

We'll have more in the near future on Hudson's recruitment and update news as it happens.

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